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Saturday In Budapest

My first Hungarian interviews for the new book
Rod Dreher September 7, 2019

The Controlling Power Of Big Data

'Small data points monitored continuously can be very predictive of behaviors'
Rod Dreher August 14, 2019

APSA’s ‘Diverse, All-Woman Team’

Newspeaking political scientists demonstrate that 'diversity' is code for 'no straight white males wanted'
Rod Dreher July 31, 2019

Spotting Doublethink In Ourselves

If truth is to prevail, then we must learn to self-examine relentlessly
Rod Dreher June 25, 2019

Standing In A Prague Sunbeam

Roger Scruton on how Czech anti-communist dissidents fought alienation and despair
Rod Dreher June 25, 2019

Going To Poland

Advice for a first-time visitor who wants to know about anti-communist resistance?
Rod Dreher June 23, 2019

Silvester Krcmery, Unbroken

How a young Slovak Catholic doctor survived torture and Communist prisons
Rod Dreher May 5, 2019

Rudolf Dobias At Home

A writer, former political prisoner, and mountain of a man. And, a repentant communist's stone in the wall
Rod Dreher May 4, 2019

Rules For Everyday Rebels

My new book will explore the experience of anti-communist dissidents, seeking practical lessons for building resistance to the West's emerging soft totalitarianism
Rod Dreher May 3, 2019