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Amanda Marcotte’s Trigglypuff Christmas

On December 25, SJW scribe plans to immiserate herself to show Trump how bad he is
Rod Dreher December 3, 2019

In Search Of ‘Relevance’

On making Christianity stupider
Rod Dreher October 31, 2018

Right-Wing Political Porn

Dinesh D'Souza's 'Death Of A Nation' says Democrats are Nazis and Trump is Lincoln
Rod Dreher July 30, 2018

Woke Restaurant Serves Discomfort Food

The hathotic travail of DC progressive canteen Busboys And Poets
Rod Dreher June 5, 2018

Save Bro. Je$$e From Demon Tubes!

A celebrated TV preacher says God wants him to have a $54 million plane
Rod Dreher May 29, 2018

American Christmas 2017

Progressives gonna progress
Rod Dreher November 28, 2017

Drunkity-Drunk Dallas Bully Blasted

Giving a foul-mouthed and abusive assistant DA her just desserts
Rod Dreher November 15, 2017

Fox + America + Jesus

The Trump Tribe at prayer
Rod Dreher October 22, 2017

‘Hail, Cae$ar!’ Preacher Prays

GOP prosperity pastor asks God to bless Trump, curse Democrats. No, really, he did
Rod Dreher July 19, 2016

#BlackLivesMatter’s Cry For Help

This just in: the real Orlando killer is a right-wing white conservative
Rod Dreher June 22, 2016