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Identity Politics Ruin Everything

The snarling face of American politics twenty years hence

Posted December 12th, 2017

Classical Christian Film Studies

Here’s a new course curriculum for students

Posted November 27th, 2017

Our Rotten Elites

Most 2017 National Book Award YA finalists are ‘deathworks’

Posted November 27th, 2017

Closing Of The Canadian Academic Mind

Lindsay Sheperd vs. the Politburo at Wilfrid Laurier

Posted November 20th, 2017

A Sign Of Hope At Notre Dame

The Tocqueville Program is a bright spot on campus

Posted November 9th, 2017

Liberal College Students Vs. SJWs

At ultraliberal Reed College, some students have finally had enough of militants’ intimidation

Posted November 3rd, 2017

Why Classical Christian Schools?

Martin Saints school is a lighthouse on the dark mountain of post-Christian civilization

Posted November 3rd, 2017

Tonight in Suburban Philadelphia

I’ll be speaking at a classical Christian school that embodies the Benedict Option

Posted November 3rd, 2017

When Philosophers Abandon Truth-Seeking

At UTSA, grad student star-chambered for mildly criticizing Islam

Posted October 31st, 2017

University Of Hate Whitey

Colleges as incubators of truth’s enemies

Posted October 26th, 2017

LSU Up A Lazy River

The student as consumer, or, what happens when university leadership becomes followership

Posted October 19th, 2017

Gumbo For Classical Christian Education

An October 12 fundraiser that will fill your belly with good things, cher

Posted October 11th, 2017

More On Harvard Grade Inflation

The demoralizing effect on teachers of being told by the institution to fake it

Posted September 21st, 2017

One Mx’d Up Teacher

SJW narcissist messes with minds of fifth graders

Posted September 21st, 2017

Harvard: Extra Credit For Oligarch Kids

Harvard PhD says school’s reputation for excellence built in part on grade inflation

Posted September 20th, 2017

Forget The Alamo? In Dallas, Maybe

Dallas education board ponders ghosting names of offensive white males Sam Houston, William Travis, and Jim Bowie from schools

Posted September 18th, 2017

Bulverism In Boise

Left-wing loons at state university attack professor for thoughtcrime

Posted September 15th, 2017