Category: Dante

Fathers And Churches

How families affect the way we relate to God
Rod Dreher December 7, 2018

Making Christian Prophets Within Liberalism

Alan Jacobs on why true reform starts with Benedict Option-style localism
Rod Dreher September 20, 2018

Dante & Picasso

Great artists are often diagnosticians. The greatest artists are also doctors who heal the soul
Rod Dreher July 23, 2018

How To Dance In Chains

Studying the humanities in a time of darkness
Rod Dreher April 4, 2018

New Book News

'The Benedict Option' coming soon in paperback -- and also an updated version of 'How Dante Can Save Your Life'
Rod Dreher March 27, 2018

How Dante Saved His Life

Young Christian man at college, struggling with sexuality, discovers Dante
Rod Dreher February 10, 2018

Project Treachery

Dante would know where to put horrible people like Jaime Phillips and Project Veritas
Rod Dreher November 30, 2017

On Not Getting Religion

Terry Mattingly chases the religion ghost in the Washington Post's Style profile of me
Rod Dreher October 31, 2017

Thinking With Alan Jacobs

How does morality and the will affect our ability to think clearly?
Rod Dreher October 18, 2017

Belshazzar Feasting Inside The Beltway

Eat drink, and be merry in your wrathfulness, for tomorrow the church will die
Rod Dreher October 16, 2017