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SJW Assault At UC Berkeley

Progressive hothead slugs peaceful conservative student

Posted February 21st, 2019

Tucker Carlson Was Right

That obnoxious Dutch historian deserved what he got from the host

Posted February 21st, 2019

GOP Donors Vs. GOP Voters

J.D. Vance on the disconnect within the Republican Party

Posted February 15th, 2019

A ‘Prairie Populist’ Prophecy

From 2009, a prediction that America is about to go through a ‘creedal passion’ period

Posted January 24th, 2019

Be Like The Bendas

The urgent need to teach your children how to think critically about media and society

Posted January 23rd, 2019

Identity Politics, Whether We Want Them Or Not

I miss the America that strived to judge people on the content of their character — but nostalgia isn’t bringing it back

Posted January 23rd, 2019

Was Man Made For The Market?

… or the market for man? The continuing Tucker Carlson discussion

Posted January 10th, 2019

Secret Right-Wing Elizabeth Warren Crush

She’s got some good ideas about economic bigness and its threat to the family. Too bad she demonizes cultural conservatives

Posted January 8th, 2019

Tucker Carlson For President

A conservative who talks and thinks like this is what America needs

Posted January 3rd, 2019

‘Worthwhile Romney Initiative’

With trademark vanilla valor, Mitt! pulpit-pounds in the Church of High Jebbery

Posted January 2nd, 2019

Travels With TAC 2018

Oh, the places we went — thanks to your generosity. We need you for 2019 too

Posted December 28th, 2018

Weekly Standard, RIP

The end of an era

Posted December 14th, 2018

Tucker Carlson: Trump Has Failed

Fox News star tells inconvenient truths in frank interview with Swiss weekly

Posted December 6th, 2018

Failing On The Right

She left conservatism for right-wing ideology — and caused untold damage in her life

Posted December 4th, 2018

The New French Right — C’est Catho!

Mark Lilla sees a new kind of conservative emerging in France

Posted December 1st, 2018

Drowning Cultural Conservatism

Conservatives are all but defenseless against liquid modernity’s left-liberal flood

Posted November 27th, 2018

The Meaning Of A Magazine

Give to TAC because of the ideas and the community. No other right-wing magazine has Uncle Chuckie

Posted November 27th, 2018