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Aunt Patsy’s Rainbow

A final farewell, written in the sky

Posted April 8th, 2019

A Bourdain Remembrance

Farewell to a kind of missionary, from a Baptist pastor

Posted June 8th, 2018

Charles Krauthammer Is Dying

Only weeks to live, say doctors

Posted June 8th, 2018

Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast

Goodbye to a chef, a traveler, and connoisseur, and a friend

Posted June 8th, 2018

Farewell, Tom Wolfe

The great American journalist has died at 88

Posted May 15th, 2018

Goodbye, Barbara Bush

Former First Lady was 92

Posted April 17th, 2018

Billy Graham’s Life

The great evangelist is dead. Long live Billy Graham!

Posted February 21st, 2018

‘Every Second Counts’

A man died in a hunting accident today. These were his final words on Facebook

Posted January 28th, 2018

Peter Augustine Lawler, RIP

I received the news this morning that my friend Peter Augustine Lawler …

Posted May 23rd, 2017

Death Of A Teacher

Haverford College’s Robert Germany, 1974-2017

Posted March 8th, 2017

Nat Hentoff, Z”L

The passing of a great man

Posted January 8th, 2017

Fidel Castro Is Dead

History has not absolved the tyrant. Now, in death, Fidel’s loved ones had better hope that the God he denied will

Posted November 26th, 2016

‘This Land Is Your Land,’ Baby

God bless Sharon Lafaye Jones (1956-2016)

Posted November 19th, 2016

Last Words Of A Drowning Man

A final Facebook post as the waters closed in over him

Posted June 2nd, 2016

Prince, RIP

‘Purple Rain’: The soundtrack of senior year

Posted April 21st, 2016

Antonin Scalia, Christian

A private letter the justice sent to a pastor reveals the nature of his religious character

Posted February 16th, 2016

Justice Scalia, RIP

Open thread for reactions to the great man’s death

Posted February 13th, 2016