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Trump’s Brutus

Who betrayed the president on the New York Times op-ed page? And what does it mean?

Posted September 6th, 2018

Trump & The Rule Of Law

L’état, c’est lui says the imperial president — and Senate Republicans, backed by voters, may agree

Posted August 24th, 2018

Omarosa Loop-De-Loops White House

Reality star goes rogue in the Situation Room

Posted August 12th, 2018

A Fetid Journey With Swamp Things

Another MAGA masterpiece from Jon McNaughton

Posted August 1st, 2018

Right-Wing Political Porn

Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Death Of A Nation’ says Democrats are Nazis and Trump is Lincoln

Posted July 30th, 2018

The Trump Threat

Flying blind into Vladimir Putin’s web

Posted July 20th, 2018

Trump: Putin’s McFaul Guy

No joke, the president is actually having to think about whether or not to turn over the former US Ambassador to Russia for interrogation

Posted July 19th, 2018

Dying For Montenegro

Tucker Carlson’s simple question is a dagger at the heart of the bloated NATO alliance

Posted July 17th, 2018

Trump Capitulates To Putin

An unimaginably disgraceful press conference

Posted July 16th, 2018

Barrett Or Kavanaugh?

Or maybe Kethlidge. President Trump makes his SCOTUS decision

Posted July 7th, 2018

Two Kinds Of Barbarians

On immigration, when is it racist to love your own culture, and to seek to defend it?

Posted June 29th, 2018

Kennedy Retires — It’s On!

Great news for conservatives. For the future of the Republic, not so much

Posted June 27th, 2018

Evangelicals Pimping For Trump — Literally!

Our Cosimanian Orthodox future shakes its money-maker in Nevada

Posted June 26th, 2018

‘I Want Vengeance,’ Said The Christian-Hater

Churches are not ready for the coming persecution

Posted June 26th, 2018

Same Policy, Different Presidents

What was fine under previous presidents is not under Trump. Why is that?

Posted June 26th, 2018

The Blindness Of Catch-And-Release Liberals

An inconvenient truth buried in the latest poll numbers on immigration

Posted June 25th, 2018

Mad Maxine

The insane California Democrat and the effects of her mobocratic progressivism

Posted June 25th, 2018