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View From The Culture War Trenches

Could the mutual fear and loathing of Left and Right exceed their love or hatred of Trump?
Rod Dreher December 6, 2019

Conservatives At The Maginot Line

Why conservatives fighting the culture war in a post-Christian nation seem so desperate
Rod Dreher November 27, 2019

Trump’s Progressive Allies

The president might be crazy, but the progressives? Those people are insane
Rod Dreher November 25, 2019

Progressives Who Make Trump Voters

Secular liberal Massachusetts reader considering voting for Trump because he's sick of SJWs
Rod Dreher November 19, 2019

Trump Loses Louisiana

Pro-life conservative Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards re-elected in close race
Rod Dreher November 16, 2019

The Kingdom Of The Petty Tyrant

A little sign that the Trump presidency is cracked and cracking
Rod Dreher November 5, 2019

Frat Boy Thermopylae

Stunt led by cocky Gaetz shows that House GOP not taking impeachment seriously enough
Rod Dreher October 24, 2019

Taylor’s Damning Testimony

Top US diplomat in Ukraine reveals quid pro quo, and corruption of US diplomacy by Trump
Rod Dreher October 23, 2019

The Shifting Ground In Washington

Peggy Noonan says Trump undermines his position daily
Rod Dreher October 18, 2019

The Evangelical Rot Deepens

Presidential adviser and prosperity gospel preacher has a new book out -- and Trump's Court Evangelicals support it
Rod Dreher October 17, 2019