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James Younger: A Woke Edgardo Mortara

No safe spaces: Texas jury affirms mother seizing 7-year-old son to turn him into girl
Rod Dreher October 22, 2019

Dallas Tornado Check-In

Dallas Sunday night tornadoes (@athenarising, via VOA) Because I’m not on Facebook, the news was slow to reach me…
Rod Dreher October 21, 2019

Neighborhood Spirit

Everybody used to be normal and decent to each other. Then something changed
Rod Dreher October 19, 2019

God Love Ye, Shay Bradley

A dead Irishman left a message from beyond the grave
Rod Dreher October 14, 2019

Deputy Junior Was The Law

How my hometown was back in the day
Rod Dreher October 13, 2019

The Greatest Wisconsinite

Eric Seaberg, Bearer of the Spotted Cow
Rod Dreher October 11, 2019

Vienna Postcard

Half a day sightseeing and eating in the Austrian capital
Rod Dreher September 10, 2019

Maria Wittner Fears Nothing

She fought the Soviets in 1956, and went to prison for her trouble.
Rod Dreher September 8, 2019

The Most Soviet Story Ever

The toilet cracked in eastern Ukraine. The solution was not at first apparent
Rod Dreher July 30, 2019

Going To Poland

Advice for a first-time visitor who wants to know about anti-communist resistance?
Rod Dreher June 23, 2019