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Diversity McCarthyism

Are you now or have you ever been a heretic on LGBT dogma? Then you've got a problem at Kennesaw State

A reader in academia writes to say that Kennesaw State University, a large state school in Georgia, is looking for a new president. The hiring committee wants to consider hiring Sam Olens, the Georgia attorney general. “Ah, but you know what’s coming,” says the reader. More, from a local TV station’s report:

Olens defended Georgia’s gay marriage ban and sued the federal government over the transgender bathroom directive. That’s why students organized Monday afternoon’s protest and drafted a petition that has more than 5,000 signatures.

In the petition, students ask the Georgia Board of Regents to not appoint Olens as KSU’s next president.One student, who wouldn’t give 11Alive his name, said he’s disappointed.

“The support groups would probably be disbanded and not to mention the scholarships that are offered for people active in LGBT rights,” he said

After the rally ended, he stayed around to continue the protest.

“I feel it’s my duty. I’m a student here and I have to make sure the school is safe for me and students. If this place becomes unsafe, I’d have to leave,” he said.

Oh for pity’s sake, this snowflake thinks hiring the Georgia AG as the school’s president would lead to anti-gay pogroms? I hate the way this Orwellian “safe space” concept has become the cudgel with which campus progressives use to club the expression of opinions with which they disagree. Anyway, the reader comments:

Okay, a couple things. First, KSU gives scholarships for “people active in LGBT rights”? I’d love to know details on that. Second, note the alleged disqualification here: Olens defended the laws of his state — laws that were created by a democratically elected legislature. In other words, he did the job he is elected to do. But as you and I know, this now constitutes Thoughtcrime.

Leonard Witt, a KSU professor, wrote a column criticizing the choice in which he concludes: “Let’s, this time, show the world that Cobb County carries the torch for all its diverse communities.” Yes, diverse communities — as long as one of those communities isn’t Christians or people fulfilling the duties of their elected office.

Now, I should note that as a college professor myself I happen to agree with Witt’s other point: that a college president should be an academic, not someone plucked from business or politics. If I taught at KSU, I would oppose Olens for that reason. But this is something different: opposition to him because of something he believes, and because he did his job according to the constitution of the state of Georgia.

Eventually we’re going to have to call explanations like Witt’s the “Eich Maneuver,” as an homage to Mozilla’s preposterous explanation that they had to fire Eich because of how much they value diversity of viewpoint.

The reader says to be sure to note this reasoning from KSU’s Prof. Witt (what follows is a quote from Witt’s column):

Already the KSU LGBTQ community members are signing petitions. A headline in Project Q, a popular Atlanta blog, screams out “Gay marriage bigot Sam Olens to become KSU president.” Unfair? Perhaps, but how do we know,since the selection process is coming from the darkest corners of state government. As attorney general, Olens ardently opposed both gay marriage and now gender neutral bathrooms. Hence, the headline.

Given Cobb County’s history, try as the chancellor may argue otherwise, important national constituencies are going to be outraged­ about the secret meetings aimed at appointing a candidate who they know will infuriate the LGBTQ community and their allies at Kennesaw State, in Cobb County and throughout the state and nation.

The nation’s largest foundations that support higher education demand respecting diversity in all its forms. An active foe of gay marriage or transgender neutral bathrooms for KSU president? Cobb County again? We have better places to put our money. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nike and just about every other major corporation may well openly or silently boycott Kennesaw State University. Plus, the tainted brand name will not exactly be a student resume builder.

Says the reader:

Echoes of Indiana and RFRA. If we don’t keep up with the LGBT agenda, no corporations will want to do business with us! And note the fear that we could “infuriate the LGBTQ community and their allies.” If I even mentioned to my academic colleagues that something could upset we Christians and our allies, I’d probably hear laughter.

We should be hearing Republican politicians, churches, and civic leaders calling this stuff out for what it is: diversity McCarthyism. Olens may or may not be qualified to run the university, but what these SJWs are attempting is frightening — or should be. Where does it stop?