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Why Did the Saudis Kill U.S. Sailors While Three Others Filmed It?

The U.S. military is training Saudi Arabian pilots here in States, who later leave to slaughter…
Doug Bandow December 12, 2019

Roger Stone, Well-Tailored Visionary

The overdressed and over-exposed political operative Roger Stone, vocal Trump backer and future guest of the…
Will Collins December 12, 2019

Modern Art: When a Banana is Just a Banana

I’ve always been something of an art afficionado. I suppose it runs in my blood: my…
Michael Warren Davis December 12, 2019

Paul Singer’s Limp Response to Tucker Carlson

Last week, Tucker Carlson assailed billionaire donor Peter Singer and his investing fund Elliott Management Company. …
Curt Mills December 12, 2019

The Trump Administration’s Dangerous Facial Surveillance Scheme

Planning on boarding a flight to Prague, Beijing, or Toronto? Even if you’re a U.S. citizen,…
Dan King December 11, 2019

Why Our Society Suffers from ‘Mass Derangement’

In his 19th-century study of crowd behavior, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, the…
Shane Miller December 11, 2019