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Why U.S. Cyber Sneak Attacks Won’t Work Against Iran

After blaming Iran for a September strike on Saudi oil facilities,Washington retaliated with a secret cyberattack,…
Bonnie Kristian November 12, 2019

How Hollywood Subtly Reinforces Wage Slavery

Most ordinary people work hard every day, and music, films and literature have, at times, done…
Paul Brian November 12, 2019

He Called Socialism a Lie and Was Locked in a Psych Ward

The time of the Soviet Empire was the blackest hour in world history. I give thanks…
Jason Morgan November 12, 2019

White vs. Red Poppies on ‘Remembrance Day’

Remembrance Day—the United Kingdom’s holiday commemorating its soldiers who gave their lives in the First World…
Nayeli Riano November 11, 2019

TAC Bookshelf: Doubting the Original Thanksgiving Story

Grayson Quay, TAC contributor: When I first surveyed the syllabus for one of the high school…
TAC Staff November 11, 2019

Why We Must Reclaim ‘Armistice Day’

Once upon a time a self-styled progressive American president who had only just won re-election on…
Danny Sjursen November 11, 2019