Nov./Dec. 2015

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Pete Buttigieg and the Mercenary Religious Left

Thanksgiving is now over, which means the grinches and scrooges among us can no longer complain…
Michael Warren Davis December 9, 2019

So 14,000 Troops to the Middle East a Myth? Not So Fast

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is denying reports that he is considering a proposal to increase…
Gareth Porter December 9, 2019

Elizabeth Warren is All About Patronage, Not Progressivism

Senator Elizabeth Warren is running for president on a platform of pseudo-progressive angst, socialist redistribution, and…
Christopher Whalen December 9, 2019

TAC Bookshelf: In Defense of Margaret Atwood’s ‘Testaments’

Kelley Vlahos, executive editor: In September, my colleague Micah Mattix called Margaret Atwood’s new novel Testaments…
TAC Staff December 8, 2019

In Defense of the Noble Freelancer

The media come in for all kinds of flak these days: for not being objective enough,…
James Jeffrey December 6, 2019

China Just Opened the Suez Canal of Our Era and No One Blinked

A hundred years from now, Donald Trump’s looming impeachment and Syria’s unending travails will be long…
Geoffrey Aronson December 6, 2019