Nov./Dec. 2014

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TAC Bookshelf: The Reason for Those Christmas Candles

Emile A. Doak, director of development: With the Advent season upon us, I’ve been reading Celebrating…
TAC Staff December 16, 2019

How Amazon Changed The Holidays, Perhaps Forever

The tradition of holiday shopping has long been an economic boon to businesses across the country.…
Paul Brian December 16, 2019

The Military’s Sci-Fi Fantasy for the Super Bowl of Wars

The battle fleet was in position. Pitching and swaying to the rhythm of the open sea,…
Jeff Groom December 16, 2019

At the Vanguard of the Anti-Globalism Revolution

Back on December 6, less than a week before Boris Johnson’s momentous victory in the British…
Robert W. Merry December 16, 2019

Britain Says Yes to Brexit—Again

It’s been a rough morning for the British left, following the general election on Thursday. Boris…
Bill Wirtz December 13, 2019

China’s Dangerous Chokehold on Our Medicines

The U.S. doesn’t depend on China for 80 percent of the oil needed to fuel our…
Rosemary Gibson December 13, 2019