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May/June 2021

cover story

Hawley on the Rocks, by Curt Mills

The 41-year-old up-and-comer was, until 2021, just that. 


For What Should We Fight Russia or China?, by Patrick Buchanan

A Barber in the House, by Bill Kauffman

When Diversity Spawns Divisiveness, by Aram Bakshian Jr.

EDITORIAL: What Comes Next 



Farewell, Jeff Bezos, by Dan Hitchens

How Navalny Fell Short, by Dimitri A. Simes

What Happened to the ACLU?, by Oliver Traldi

Why Small Firms Sell Out, by Iain Murray

The Fourth Republic, by William S. Lind



Now That He’s Gone, by Andrew J. Bacevich

        What’s next for 74 million Trump  supporters? 

Our Latin American Future, by Helen Andrews

        Chronic instability, isolated elites, and popular cynicism will outlast the orange caudillo. 

Trump’s Hispanic Bump, by Santi Ruiz and Lars Schonander

        Where Trump’s Latino supporters were—and why they voted for him.

China’s Propaganda War, by Sarah Lee

        To stop it, target foreign funding of  universities and think tanks. 

Insulin, Incentives, and Oligopolies, by Maxim Jacobs

        Market concentration keeps the price of this hundred-year-old drug artificially high. 

The Curse of Politics, by Chilton Williamson Jr.

        What was once a great human comedy has been moved beyond even tragedy.



Uprooted: Recovering the Legacy  of the Places We’ve Left Behind, by Grace Olmstead, reviewed by Emile Doak

Collected Stories, by Donald Barthelme, edited by Charles McGrath, reviewed by John Wilson

Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency, by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, reviewed by Ian Dowbiggin

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, by Jordan Peterson, reviewed by Ross Anderson

What’s Wrong With Rights?, by Nigel Biggar, reviewed by John Grove

The Best Years of Our Lives at 75by Peter Tonguette

Philip Roth: The Biography, by Blake Bailey, reviewed by Nic Rowan


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