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Gougers ‘R’ Us: How Private Equity is Gobbling Up Medical Care

Once a month, National Public Radio highlights medical horror stories for its series, Bill of the…
Jonathan Tepper November 13, 2019

Think Hate Speech Laws Will Work? Just Look at Europe

Periodically, we Americans scratch our chins and ponder the desirability of our exceptionally broad speech protections.…
Will Collins November 13, 2019

When Plutocrats Take Off the Mask and Run for Office

Left-wing radicals used to say, “We must tear the mask off the system.” That is, leftists…
James Pinkerton November 13, 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Health Care Plan is Pure Fuzzy Math

Under pressure to fill in the blanks as to how she would pay for Medicare for…
Peter Van Buren November 13, 2019

Why U.S. Cyber Sneak Attacks Won’t Work Against Iran

After blaming Iran for a September strike on Saudi oil facilities,Washington retaliated with a secret cyberattack,…
Bonnie Kristian November 12, 2019

How Hollywood Subtly Reinforces Wage Slavery

Most ordinary people work hard every day, and music, films and literature have, at times, done…
Paul Brian November 12, 2019