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The Popular High School Textbook That Writes Off Conservatives

It is now common knowledge that Republicans, conservatives, and religious students face intolerance and outright harassment…
Daniel Oliver November 21, 2019

Dynamite White House Witness Blows Up in Republicans’ Faces

Today was not a good day for House Republicans.  First, during his 45-minute opening statement, Gordon…
Barbara Boland November 21, 2019

Marie Yovanovitch, the Poster Child of #FSProud

The State Department, where I worked for 24 years as a Foreign Service officer (FSO) and…
Peter Van Buren November 21, 2019

I Feel Like a Natural Woman…Because I Am

The only way that the trans narrative gains traction is by proclaiming that women are nothing…
Libby Emmons November 21, 2019

Arab Spring 2.0: Don’t Get Any Ideas, Washington

The Middle East is erupting again, as angry youths lead demonstrations in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and…
Doug Bandow November 21, 2019

The Outrage Industry’s Latest Child Soldier

Oh, we’ve been here before, haven’t we? Many are the times that conservatives have set out…
Matt Purple November 20, 2019