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What The Hell Is Wrong With The National Media?

Over 100,000 in Louisiana lose everything to the floods, and we're almost invisible. Please insult us, Donald Trump, so US journalists will pay attention
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Reader James C. writes from Europe:

Can’t believe the media silence on this story. Look at the screenshot of CNN’s home page. Not a single mention of the flood anywhere. We’re it not for your blog, I wouldn’t have known about it.


I checked the page just now on my smartphone, and the Louisiana flooding story is the 16th story on the page. You have to scroll way down to see it, and it’s below an underwear ad.

The sheriff of Livingston Parish is saying that over 100,000 people in his parish alone lost everything they own. But hey, on CNN, Adele’s not Beyoncé, a sportscaster is on TV in his drawers, and Donald Trump is hearing things. Haw haw!

It’s not just them. On the CBS News webpage as I type this, the lead story is the arrest of a suspect in the murder of Muslims in Queens. If you want to find out the latest in what is shaping up to be one of the nation’s worst-ever natural disasters, you have to scroll way down, past several Olympics stories (including an explainer of why the water in Rio pools turned green), a piece on Hillary’s promise to love Scranton, a piece about a California fire that destroyed 175 structures and left “dozens of families homeless,” and a piece about a New York woman who says her head felt like it was going to explode when she was struck by lightning.

Look, nothing against the lighting-strike lady or those dozens of California families who are without homes tonight. But guess what, CBS? In Ascension Parish, just south of Baton Rouge, 15,000 homes and business are underwater!  That’s about 1/3 of all homes in a parish whose population is roughly 120,000 people. In Livingston Parish, 50,000 homes are flooded out — that’s 70 percent of all the houses in the parish.

Those are just two parishes. So many here in south Louisiana are in the same shape. And it’s continuing.

But hey, CBS, don’t let what’s happening to hundreds of thousands of coonasses and rednecks and black folks here in flyover territory take your eye off of green swimming pools in Rio, two murders in Queens, and 175 buildings in California (question: why are 175 destroyed California homes more important to CBS News than what will easily be more than 100,000 homes in south Louisiana?). Same with you, CNN. Same with so many of you people in the national media.

Honest to God, what is wrong with you media people? I know, everybody thinks what’s happening in their part of the world is the most important thing ever. I get that. But come on, these floods are of national historical importance in the United States of America. And you national media people may find this hard to believe, but south Louisiana is as much a part of America as is Queens, northern California, and Pennsylvania. We’re not friggin’ Bangladesh.

Please insult us, Donald Trump. That’s the only way to get the national media to notice what’s happening to us here.

UPDATE: Look, National Media! There is at least one trans person in Denham Springs! Now will you come?



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