Category: Terrorism

ISIS May Expel Iraq’s Christians for Good

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS, has recently overtaken the major Iraqi city of Mosul, causing an…
Sarah Albers June 13, 2014

Somewhere, Bin Laden Is Smiling

Bowe Bergdahl was “an American prisoner of war captured on the battlefield” who “served the United States with distinction…
Patrick Buchanan June 6, 2014

Captain America Skips Politics, Stays Personal

America's hero struggles to apply Christian forgiveness to international conflict.
Leah Libresco April 10, 2014

New Leaks Show CIA’s Contempt for Congress

An interrogator isn’t just focused on extracting information, but on controlling it. When a closer sits down with a…
Leah Libresco April 2, 2014

The NSA’s Overreach Breeds Enemies

There’s new evidence that Obama lied when he said, “that the United States is not spying on ordinary people…
Leah Libresco March 20, 2014

CPAC Debates Snowden’s Cause

John Solomon, the editor of the Washington Times, opened the privacy panel at CPAC with a clip of Edward Snowden,…
Leah Libresco March 7, 2014

How Droning American Citizens Damages Our Laws

Abdullah al-Shami may be about to achieve a very strange kind of victory through martyrdom. So far as we…
Leah Libresco March 3, 2014

Cyberattacks on Syria Put the Homefront in Danger

The United States has struggled to find a way to support Syrian rebels without putting American lives at risk,…
Leah Libresco February 27, 2014

Guantanamo Bay’s Hidden CIA Hotel

Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo of the AP revealed yesterday the existence of a previously unknown secret CIA facility…
Jonathan Coppage November 27, 2013

How a Shopping Mall Becomes a Killing Zone

This really is frightening. Terrorist incidents tell us nothing new about human nature. We already knew that people are…
Philip Jenkins September 30, 2013