Category: Technology

Why Facebook Wants You to Be Happy

People see Facebook as a neutral platform, which they can use to have conversations. But in reality, it’s a company,…
Gracy Olmstead August 21, 2014

Can Equations Predict Happiness?

Want to be happy? There’s an equation for that, according to British neuroscientists. In a study just published in…
Gracy Olmstead August 7, 2014

Google Tries to Conquer the Typography of a Non-English Internet

The Internet is no longer in English, even if the coding on its back end still largely is. That’s what…
Catherine Addington August 7, 2014

Selfies for Uncle Sam

If you use social media or have a smartphone, chances are you’ve encountered facial recognition technology. FRT allows computers to…
Catherine Addington July 31, 2014

Derek Khanna Talks Cellphone Unlocking Victory, Copyright

After a popular online campaign to legalize cellphone unlocking, which allows a consumer to change the settings on a phone…
Catherine Addington July 28, 2014

Why Facebook Matters

I wanted to get off Facebook—to deactivate my account entirely. It seemed like such a waste of time, a distraction…
Gracy Olmstead July 19, 2014

The Beauty of Getting Lost

Rediscovering the mystery of travel in a GPS world
Gracy Olmstead July 10, 2014

Aggregated Soul, Quantified Self

Know thyself! According to the Quantified Self movement, data aggregation is the answer to one of mankind’s oldest and most…
Sarah Albers July 3, 2014

Why Facebook’s Experiment Threatens Further Manipulation

Facebook has taken a lot of heat in the past few days for toying with users’ emotions—albeit for scientific…
Gracy Olmstead July 1, 2014

The Joke Is on Yo—and All Its Users

Breathy think pieces have lauded the latest viral app Yo as “merging the physical and digital worlds” with its…
Catherine Addington June 23, 2014