Category: Science

Can Equations Predict Happiness?

Want to be happy? There’s an equation for that, according to British neuroscientists. In a study just published in…
Gracy Olmstead August 7, 2014

Autonomy and Automation in Old Age

The world’s fast-growing elderly population faces more age-related disease, higher health costs, and fewer children to care for them…
Catherine Addington July 21, 2014

Aggregated Soul, Quantified Self

Know thyself! According to the Quantified Self movement, data aggregation is the answer to one of mankind’s oldest and most…
Sarah Albers July 3, 2014

The Limits of Science in Matters of Justice

Chris Mooney of Mother Jones recently reviewed Harry Collins’s book, Are We All Scientific Experts Now?, and argued that the public…
Sarah Albers June 10, 2014

Treating Heartbreak With a Pill

Instead of comforting a friend after a break up with ice cream and a movie, bioethicist Brian D. Earp…
Leah Libresco May 22, 2014

Save Smallpox, Not Pandas

San Diego can give up its hopes of producing a sister panda cub to Washington D.C.’s Bao Bao in…
Leah Libresco May 12, 2014

Polio Breaks Out After the U.S. Breaks Trust

Only two diseases have ever been completely eradicated worldwide: smallpox and rinderpest. But hopes for eradicating a third have…
Leah Libresco May 8, 2014

Man Cannot Live on Soylent Alone

Nutrition is the lesser half of food.
Gracy Olmstead April 30, 2014

How Culture Wars Hijack Science Discussions

Questions about evolution and climate change measure identity, not knowledge.
Jonathan Coppage April 29, 2014

SpaceX Sues to Shoot for the Stars

Silicon Valley CEO Elon Musk is used to red tape interfering with his transportation companies. First, his electric Tesla…
Leah Libresco April 28, 2014