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Richard Powers and the Blown-Up Cultural Narrative

When music is freed from cultural filters, how do fans find the songs that matter?
Scott Galupo March 24, 2014

Understanding Fuddy-Duddy Beatle Haters

They didn't so much push musical boundaries as consolidate advances.
Scott Galupo February 11, 2014

Three Cheers for the Sideman

In a recent segment of HuffPost Live, James Poulos spotlights one of my under-the-radar musical heroes: guitarist Waddy Wachtel.…
Scott Galupo August 5, 2013

All That Glitters About Expanding Gambling Isn’t Gold

Artificially constrained supply has made casinos more attractive than they really are.
Scott Galupo July 15, 2013

Atlantic City Embraces Monkey on Its Back

Bobotmedia / Flickr.com In the throes of pre-Great Recession economic hype, I wrote the following in a 2006 Washington Times…
Scott Galupo July 8, 2013

Golfers Against Obama—Then on to Better Things

Overheard at the first tee at Trump National D.C., July 4th: They should do the same thing here.  While…
Scott McConnell July 5, 2013

“White House Down”—What a Waste

“White House Down” A Hollywood-White House-Democratic Party Production Starring Barack H. Obama as the President John A. Boehner (Speaker…
David Franke June 28, 2013

In Defense of Baseball’s Second Wildcard

Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com Let me second Ross Douthat’s plug for TAC contributor Michael Brendan Dougherty’s foray into baseball…
Scott Galupo April 11, 2013

War, Peace, and the Sweet Sixteen

As a born and bred Yankee fan, I always felt a tinge of envy for the Dodger fans who…
Scott McConnell March 29, 2013

On Character Formation and Tolerating Non-Euphoria

Walmart Corporate / Flickr.com Rod Dreher speaks up for the indispensability of morally formative good manners, as against Peter…
Scott Galupo February 12, 2013