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Why Does Beauty Matter?

The beautiful will save us, but it must capture us to do so.

Posted August 16th, 2014

The Ethics of Disability Metaphors

From the teenage romance between an amputee and an oxygen-tank user in …

Posted July 24th, 2014

Carrie White Will Never Die: “Carrie: The Musical” at the Studio Theatre

The horrific power of perverted Christianity makes this musical work.

Posted July 11th, 2014

Let Them Make Fonts

There must be millions of fonts in the world by now—carefully crafted …

Posted June 21st, 2014

Geishas By Gaslight: Kobayashi Kiyochika at the Freer Gallery

A D.C. show displays haunting, color-washed night scenes on par with Edward Hopper.

Posted June 17th, 2014

Shakespeare Theatre Company’s “Henry IV”: The Story of Prince Hal

A prince sits disconsolately in a royal palace, alone—save for a stoic …

Posted April 28th, 2014

Hideous Strength: “Degenerate Art” at the Neue Galerie

How the Nazis tried to discredit modern art by exhibiting it

Posted April 25th, 2014

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”: Ode to a World That Once Was

Wes Anderson’s latest is an homage to Austria before the ravages of WWI

Posted March 28th, 2014

Richard Powers and the Blown-Up Cultural Narrative

When music is freed from cultural filters, how do fans find the songs that matter?

Posted March 24th, 2014

Folger’s “Richard III”: Something Rotten in the State of England

The Folger Theatre’s production of “Richard III“ is the first production the institution has …

Posted March 21st, 2014

A Preview of the Oscar’s Best Picture Nominees

Rounding up the candidates in contention for taking home the statuette

Posted February 28th, 2014

Understanding Fuddy-Duddy Beatle Haters

They didn’t so much push musical boundaries as consolidate advances.

Posted February 11th, 2014

Dyscommunication: “Tribes” at DC’s Studio Theatre

If you couldn’t understand what your family was saying, would you understand …

Posted February 7th, 2014

Defending the Case Against Woody Allen

Can we really trust ourselves—our minds, eyes, and ears—to Allen’s hands?

Posted February 5th, 2014

How Place Fosters Art

Berry’s poetic living requires love: love for land, and for people.

Posted February 1st, 2014

Beauty: Siren or Savior?

When we divorce aesthetics from truth, we are led astray.

Posted January 18th, 2014

The 5 Best Food Blogs to Follow in 2014

Julia Child offers this advice in her book My Life in France: “Learn …

Posted January 2nd, 2014