Is Putin Really the New King of the Middle East?

Honestly, he is welcome to it.

This Time the Yanks Are Deadly Serious

When Trump said he was ending everlasting commitments he wasn’t bluffing.

‘Heartbroken’ Pelosi Fast-Tracks Impeachment

This is what the deep state does to outsiders Middle America sends to Washington to challenge or dispossess it.

What If They Had A War And Nobody Came?

The neocons and hawks in Trump’s circle stand alone these days, but their influence in the White House is still strong.

Finally, the Odd Couple Splits

If thwarting his boss at every turn was his goal, Bolton leaves the White House a successful man.

When Can We Lay This Burden Down?

The Taliban sits in the catbird seat despite all of the blood and treasure we spent to destroy it.

Yes, China is the Greater Menace

Are we willing to make the necessary sacrifices to force China to abide by the rules of reciprocal trade?

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Joe Will Regret His Turn Onto the Race-Bait Road

The former VP’s past embrace of segregationist politicians will come back to haunt him in the primary.

Joe Biden Gets Mugged By Multicultural Reality

The old-school Democrat took a beating Thursday, with the two most socialist candidates waiting in the wings for the KO.

After Mueller Debacle, Where Do Democrats Go?

The GOP message on Wednesday: Proceed with hearings to impeach and there will be blood on the floor.

Trump Fuels a Tribal War in Nancy’s House

Trump is driving a wedge right through the Democratic Party, between its moderate and militant wings.

Putin Speaks: Liberalism Has Lost the World

And he blames the excesses of migration, multiculturalism and secularism.

Who Speaks for Donald Trump?

Hopefully not the guys using ‘America First’ as a twisted battlecry for more overseas intervention.

The Path to Impeachment, Littered With Bad Intentions

If be believes the Democrats just want to bring down his presidency, why should Trump cooperate with the co-conspirators?

One Thing We Have in Common with the Ayatollah

The American people don’t want war with Iran. So who does? You can count them on your fingers.

Tariffs Are Economic Patriotism, Putting Americans First

Once a nation is hooked on cheap goods like a narcotic it is rarely able to break free. But we can try.

Bolton’s War Whispers Sounding More Like Battle Cries

He seems bent on provoking Iran, but President Trump would have to own it.