After Mueller Debacle, Where Do Democrats Go?

The GOP message on Wednesday: Proceed with hearings to impeach and there will be blood on the floor.

Why Trump Is Right To Defy Democratic Subpoenas

One can’t blame him—he doesn’t want to be a party to his own destruction.

Is It Unfair to Ask Who Did This to Us?

No, it’s not over: the instigators of the Mueller investigation need to be exposed, as do their collaborators in the press.

This Is a Fight to the Finish

The war in Washington will not end until the presidency of Donald Trump ends. We know that now.

Was There a Cabal Plotting Against the President?

If so, Trump might be meeting face to face with one of his nemeses on Thursday.

Trump’s Presidency Teetering on the Edge

Securing borders? Needless foreign intervention? It could go either way right now.

An FBI Cabal Determined To Elect Hillary?

More evidence that a ‘hubristic cadre at the apex of the FBI’ decided the Republic must be saved from Trump.

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Unlike Nixon, Trump Will Not Go Quietly

Why should he? This Mueller investigation is starting to stink.

Trump-Mueller Showdown Inevitable?

Indications that Trump has been maneuvered into a kill box.