Joe Will Regret His Turn Onto the Race-Bait Road

The former VP’s past embrace of segregationist politicians will come back to haunt him in the primary.

Joe Biden Gets Mugged By Multicultural Reality

The old-school Democrat took a beating Thursday, with the two most socialist candidates waiting in the wings for the KO.

Why Trump Is Right To Defy Democratic Subpoenas

One can’t blame him—he doesn’t want to be a party to his own destruction.

How Middle America Is to Be Dispossessed

By hook or crook, the Democrats are creating enough voters to ensure they will never lose a national election again.

Is The American Century Over for Good?

While Trump was trying to negotiate for peace abroad, the Dems were tearing him to shreds at home.

The Democrats and the Diversity Dilemma

There are too many tribes to please, which means no one will be happy when the day is done.

The Coming Balkanization of the Democratic Party

It’s become a club where white males need not apply—so what does that mean for pols like Biden and Bernie in 2020?

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