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If Only Ahmad Alissa Had Been Southern Baptist

Or had killed non-white people. The media and ruling class's liturgies would have been different
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Though Boulder police have stated no known motive yet for this crime, here is some of what we know about Boulder shooter Ahmad Alissa:

  • He had a history of anger and violence
  • He was “deeply disturbed,” “very anti-social,” and “paranoid,” according to his brother
  • He hated Donald Trump
  • He had been bullied in high school
  • He posted a lot on social media about his religion, Islam

Here is what we are not seeing from the media: rash speculation about whether Islam drove him to murder, or whether Trump Derangement Syndrome had anything to do with this attack. All ten of Ahmad Alissa’s victims are white. We are seeing no speculation as to whether or not anti-white racism played a role in this crime.

And you know what? The media are being responsible here. From what we know at this point, there is no reason to blame his religion or his political views for what he did, nor is there reason to blame race hatred.

This is not the standard the media applied to the white male Southern Baptist shooter of Asians in Georgia, of course.

In that case, the media chose to serve the Narrative instead of truth. If no evidence emerges that these killings were racially motivated, we will not hear NPR stories arguing that even though there is no evidence that these killings were racially motivated, they might well have been, because professors know better than police.

And not just the media. We will not have universities issuing statements of sorrow and solidarity with the victims in Boulder, because ordinary white people who died at the hands of a Muslim gunman are not useful politically:

Note all this. Don’t forget it. This is how the power-holders in this society think. It’s not exactly news, of course, but surely we are at the point in which it is insane to deny the bigotry and bias of our ruling class and the institutions they administer.

This is why people hate them.



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