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Better to Be a Former Ron Paul Staffer, or a War Planner?

Here’s a Beltway skirmish whose outcome will be revealing, described by Buzzfeed:

The Republican National Committee’s hiring of a former Ron Paul campaign spokesman is drawing the ire of some pro-Israel Democrats who see the hire as a concession to Paul’s brand of foreign policy.

It would seem that according to the National Jewish Democratic Council, if you were involved in advocating or planning the Iraq war, which cost America trillions of dollars, thousands dead, tens of thousands crippled, and left nearly a million Iraqis dead, wounded, or homeless, that’s an absolutely superb foreign policy resume credential. But if you worked as a communications aide with Ron Paul, you’re beyond the pale.

Time will tell whether this becomes a talking point beyond Josh Block and the Democratic neocons, or whether more established Democratic elected  officials will recoil from  the stench. And also of course whether Romney fears more the Democrats’ branch of the Israel lobby or Ron Paul Republicans.


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