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City Without Stars

The Lost City of Z is visually sublime, but it lives and dies on its miscast lead.

Schism in the House of Malick

A filmmaker’s experimental turn divides fans and haters alike.

And the Nominees Are …

Your guide to the 2017 Oscars

The Trouble With Silence

Martin Scorsese ponders the deepest theological questions.

A Biopic in Name Only

Jackie focuses too scrupulously on concepts of historical representation at the expense of its grieving subject.

At the Movies on Election Night

Moonlight doesn’t seem like a film conservatives would like, but they should watch it anyway.

The Age of Aquarius: An Urbanist Battle in Brazil

Anchored by a brilliant lead performance, “Aquarius” casts the battle for urban development as high-stakes cinema.

A Novel Lost in Translation

The Girl on the Train preserves the book’s plot but has little to say.

Adapting Philip Roth

No filmmaker may ever nail it.

How Cinema Returned to the City

Despite the rise of the suburban multiplex and Netflix, urban movie theaters are making a comeback.

College Life Before Facebook

Richard Linklater’s latest film recovers a picture of youth without the iPhone.

The Classical Storytelling of “Star Wars”

The repetition in the franchise isn’t a bug—it’s a feature of Western storytelling.

Foreclosures on the Silver Screen

“99 Homes” pairs Hollywood stars alongside real-life evictees to cut to the heart of the housing crisis.

One Drug War—Extra Dark

“Sicario” recycles the violent nihilism of “Breaking Bad” without shedding any new light.