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When the Deep State Bullied Reagan’s Foreign Policy Chief

George Shultz drew a line against certain anti-communist militants; Washington hardliners had other ideas.
Ted Galen Carpenter November 27, 2019

How the Sinaloa Drug Cartel Clobbered the Mexican Army

While Americans obsess with events on the other side of the globe, a state is losing its grip just over our border.
Ted Galen Carpenter October 28, 2019

The Kurds and the Sticky Wicket of Foreign Entanglements

Trump's decision to leave Syria is another lesson in losing sight of our nation's interests.
Ted Galen Carpenter October 14, 2019

Time Bomb: How the Growing Hong Kong-Taiwan Axis is Riling Beijing

Washington must temper its enthusiasm—and especially avoid any manifestations of meddling.
Ted Galen Carpenter September 23, 2019

Forget ‘Checkbook Diplomacy’ and Bring the Troops Home

Donald Trump wants our allies to pay more, but outdated overseas defense obligations are the real problem.
Ted Galen Carpenter August 20, 2019

The Ominous Ally Quarrel That’s Giving Washington a Headache

Japan and South Korea are at loggerheads (again), spelling trouble in an increasingly dangerous part of the world.
Ted Galen Carpenter July 29, 2019

Julian Assange and the Real War on the Free Press

Don't be fooled: those attacking him want censorship powers not seen since the Nixon administration.
Ted Galen Carpenter July 5, 2019

Bahrain: The Next Middle East Powder Keg?

Our hypocritical policies allow its monarchy (and the Saudis) to crack down on its people. Don't be surprised if Iran steps in.
Ted Galen Carpenter June 28, 2019