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Another False Dawn in Libya?

Elections are postponed, again, and the dangerous power vacuum the U.S. created there remains.

Poking the Russian Bear With the NATO Umbrella

Our Western European partners thought it was a bad idea then, and do now. Why aren’t we listening?

Washington Quietly Increases Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

Critics who say Trump is being “soft on Russia” should be paying attention to this.

Why America Must Put Interests Before Ideals

Both are important, but prioritizing the latter leads to needless humanitarian wars that don’t work.

Yes, the Press Helps Start Wars

History shows that a jingoistic media can whip up support for hardline policies, as Trump rightly pointed out.

Rediscovering the Art of Diplomacy With Vladimir Putin

Trump has the opportunity for his greatest foreign policy accomplishment yet.

Taiwan Boosts Its Defenses Against Chinese ‘Strangulation’

Rather than deter it, the U.S. should help orchestrate the tiny island’s transition to a “porcupine strategy.”

Too Many Foreign Policy Double Standards Hurt U.S. Credibility

The hypocrisy is especially evident in Washington’s approach to Saudi Arabia and other Middle East ‘allies.’

Trump Should Test North Korea with the Offer of a Grand Bargain

If Kim is serious about disarming, Trump should offer a Korean peace treaty, diplomatic recognition, and an end to economic sanctions.

Will the U.S. Go to War With China Over Taiwan?

It’s time to rethink our defense commitments. Risking a catastrophic conflict is too great a price for Taiwanese independence.

Syrian Kurds: The Other Woman in America’s Relationship With Turkey

Relations with our NATO ally have hit a low—and the long-term prognosis is bleak.

How Rigid Alliances Have Locked Us Into Unwanted Conflicts

It’s not just NATO. Plenty of treaties over the decades have limited America’s options and made war more likely.

The Duplicitous Superpower

How Washington’s chronic deceit—especially towards Russia—has sabotaged U.S. foreign policy.

Liberals Love Trump—When He Embraces Military Intervention

Commander-in-Chief is “presidential” only when he’s dropping bombs.

Washington’s Addictive Foreign-Policy Drug

Why economic sanctions don’t help anyone.

Mexican Drug Violence Only Getting Worse

El Chapo’s capture created a power vacuum, a ‘vicious’ power struggle.

Washington’s Shameful Fondness for Saudi Arabia

Why is Trump expanding the U.S. alliance with the Kingdom?

The Myopic Campaign to Make Russia a Pariah

Reporting on the Oval Office conversation is the latest salvo.

The Cost of Free-Riding

Why South Korea may come to regret its dependence on the U.S.

Don’t Start a New Cold War Over Syria

Assad is a brutal dictator, but removing him would create a dangerous power vacuum.

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