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Did Trump Just Threaten to Attack Iran With Nukes?

He said he could destroy Afghanistan but was signaling elsewhere. The scary part is there's already a plan.
Scott Ritter July 25, 2019

Strait of Hormuz: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

U.S. sanctions have created a tinderbox as shown by recent UK-Iranian tanker clashes. All this needs is a spark.
Scott Ritter July 15, 2019

Red Line for War? Iran Blows Through Enrichment Limits

The two countries are on a collision course set by a bad nuke deal and even worse moves by the president.
Scott Ritter July 3, 2019

Bias, Lies & Videotape: Doubts Dog ‘Confirmed’ Syria Chemical Attacks

Disturbing new evidence suggests 2018 incident might've been staged, putting everything else, including U.S. retaliation, into question.
Scott Ritter June 20, 2019

How ‘Reset’ Man McFaul Helped Torpedo U.S.-Russia Relations

To get a sense of why Putin meddled in our elections one need go no further than the Obama administration's hijinks.
Scott Ritter May 28, 2019

Is America Ready for John Bolton’s War With Iran?

Recently dispatched B-52s and ships are an act of theatrical bravado that ignore the real threat.
Scott Ritter May 10, 2019

What if Iran Retaliates and Shuts Down the Strait of Hormuz?

Some 18 million barrels of oil transit through every day. The economic impact would be catastrophic.
Scott Ritter May 1, 2019

America Just Declared War on Iran and Nobody Blinked

After a destabilizing move by Trump, it's no longer a question of if U.S. forces will die but when.
Scott Ritter April 11, 2019