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The Quieter Side of Cardinal Sarah

Known for his traditionalist social views, the African churchman's writings on silence bear reflection.
Scott Beauchamp October 15, 2019

How to Become a Federal Criminal

The man behind @CrimeADay lets some air out of America’s ever-inflating federal criminal code.
Scott Beauchamp July 16, 2019

Beyond the Cleft Chin: The Tragedy of Herakles

The Greek hero is portrayed so often as dashing, but he's always been weighed down by a pitiful seriousness.
Scott Beauchamp June 13, 2019

Finding an Authentic Life in the Modern World

Paul Kingsnorth seeks to escape the deadening touch of our culture. But about God? And what about language itself?
Scott Beauchamp May 22, 2019

Slacker and the Failed Promises of the Internet

The movie is an artifact, hearkening back to a time when people were weird and algorithms weren't in control.
Scott Beauchamp April 26, 2019

The OA and Today’s Secular Prison of Self

The latest season of the Netflix show is brilliant but also confined to a world denuded of transcendence.
Scott Beauchamp April 16, 2019

Into the Dark Needs Less Wokeness, More Evil

Really good horror is not just about zeitgeist, but sinking to the depths of myth and fear.
Scott Beauchamp March 18, 2019

Choosing to Spend Your Vacation…Behind Bars

In South Korea, going to jail to relax is a hot new trend. What does that say about humans today?
Scott Beauchamp February 14, 2019