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Experiments in Living

John Stuart Mill’s liberalism emancipates the powerful from custom’s restraints—and ordinary Americans suffer for it.

Would Someone Just Shut That Pope Up?

The pontiff is no Marxist—he’s a Catholic who knows how economics shapes culture.

Common Core and the American Republic

Is the purpose of education—and national life—merely employment?

Mobility and the Rise of Progressive Nationalism

How the frontier and the automobile hollowed out attachment to place.

Tocqueville on the Individualist Roots of Progressivism

Contrary to the popular narrative, Locke’s individual is the midwife of Rousseau and Marx.

Health, Education—and Welfare?

Medicine and school are both in crisis after being given from the Church to the marketplace.

The Representation We Deserve

The shutdown mess revealed fundamental problems in our political structure.

What Is an American Conservative?

The Anti-Federalists teach how liberal today’s conservatism has become.

Two Nations, Under Mammon

Libertarian Tyler Cowen & liberal William Galston both herald a capitalist dystopia.

Community or Leviathan?

E.J. Dionne overlooks the ways in which centralized government undermines communities.

Who Closed the American Mind?

Allan Bloom was brilliant, but wrong about Burke and multiculturalism

Science of Tyranny

Eisenhower identified more than one threat to the republic. By Patrick J. …

When Red States Get Blue

What’s the matter with Connecticut?

Counterfeiting Conservatism

Are you sure you want a revolution?

Identity Crisis

In this past Sunday’s New York Times a story appeared noting that …

The End of Right Patriotism?

My Georgetown colleague Michael Kazin wrote recently of the re-ascendancy of Left-wing …

Against Authoritarianism, Rightly Understood

Damon Linker at TNR attacks Andrew Bacevich’s recent response to Sam Tanenhaus’s …

Protecting Work

The economics of consumption is a recipe for short-term thinking.

Full Faith and Bad Credit

Until about six months ago, George W. Bush’s presidency would have been …

How Bailey Park Ruined America

Ross Douthat has written a smart analysis of the way that the …

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