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Never-Trumpers Belong in a Museum

The Republican Party of Bush I and II, of Bob Dole and John McCain, is history. And for good reason.

Is Abolishing ICE the New Liberal Litmus Test?

Whether or not to nix the agency is the issue of 2018.

Is it Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Party Now?

The new demography of the Democratic Party brought about the defeat of Joe Crowley. Who’s next?

A Fascist Right, or a Hysterical Left?

A cautionary note to progressives: extremism is how the left lost the future to Nixon and Reagan.

Trump Stands With Euro Resisters Against “Invasion”

For the American president, there is a bigger stake than just the southern border.

Donald Trump’s Historic Gamble

Whatever one may think of his diplomacy, Trump has, for now, lifted the specter of nuclear war from the Korean peninsula.

The Nationalism Versus Globalism Battles Yet to Come

Why is Trump so exasperated? Because the G-7 summit shows how entrenched his opposition still is.

Is Mayor De Blasio an Anti-Asian Bigot?

The New York chief stands accused of building “a barrier to Asian-Americans—especially our children.”

Stick a Fork in It, the Old GOP Is Dead

John Boehner is right — it’s Trump’s party now.

Is America’s Racial Divide Permanent?

Roseanne’s firing raises the question—as does our seemingly constant preoccupation with race.

What is America Fighting For?

Maybe our ‘mission’ should be protecting the home front and staying out of useless wars of choice.

North Korea and Iran Don’t Seem Particularly Intimidated

So far, a lot of bellicosity from Washington but little return for the bluster.

Can A Pope Change Moral Truth?

Francis once again seems to condone homosexuality, and the West further jettisons the civilization that made it great.

A Trump Doctrine for Singapore and Beyond?

If he adopts a Bolton policy of “all or nothing,” he is likely to get nothing at all.

Israel’s and Bibi’s Troubled Hour of Power

They’re on a winning streak. But how long will the world countenance the slaughter of Palestinians?

It’s Bolton’s and Bibi’s Agenda Now

And with the Iran deal scrapped, they’re already marching us off to war.

Mr. President, Don’t Trash the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Israelis, Saudis and Beltway War Party want to kill the deal because they want a clash with Tehran. Don’t let them.

Memo to Trump: Defy Robert Mueller

He should ignore whatever subpoenas come his way and give no quarter to those trying to destroy his presidency.

White House Correspondents’ Dinner in the Gutter

The annual fete is not only suffering from Beltway bubble syndrome but it’s no longer a class act.

Macron: The Last Multilateralist

His world of open borders and free trade is receding into history.

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