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Democrats Send Diversity to the Back of the Bus

Their presidential front-runners and congressional leaders are all white. Now progressive activists are starting to notice.
Patrick Buchanan December 6, 2019

In Hong Kong, it’s now Us Vs. the Chinese

We have finally weighed in on behalf of the protesters, but will we have their backs if Beijing moves in to crush them?
Patrick Buchanan December 3, 2019

Is Macron Right? Is NATO Brain Dead?

Germany isn't happy but he has a point. What good has the alliance done post-Cold War?
Patrick Buchanan November 26, 2019

Let the Election, Not Democratic Partisans, Decide Trump’s Fate

After all, the people voted him in. Let the people take him out.
Patrick Buchanan November 22, 2019

What’s Behind Our World on Fire?

From Hong Kong to Bolivia, people are growing restive, and governments seem unable to placate them.
Patrick Buchanan November 19, 2019

When Did Ukraine Become a ‘Critical Ally’?

Trump is standing up for them and risking a war with Russia. But why?
Patrick Buchanan November 16, 2019

Bernie Leads His Party to Open Borders

His proposal would decriminalize illegal entry, declare a pathway to citizenship, and sanctify sanctuary cities.
Patrick Buchanan November 12, 2019

When ‘Sexist’ (and Desperate) Democrats Bully Warren

It may not be a good idea for the male candidates to pile on the one woman front runner for the nomination.
Patrick Buchanan November 8, 2019