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Can America Fight Two Cold Wars at Once?

Thanks in part to our own hubris, we now find ourselves beset by both Russia and China.

What Lies Behind the Malaise of the West?

Transnational elites seem ever more distant from the countries they rule.

How Democracy is Losing the World

We claim it’s the best system available. Yet it’s made us look ridiculous while other nations step up and get serious.

Who Lost the World George H.W. Left Behind?

Did the presidents who sat mourning at his funeral realize their part in the downslide of the country?

Massive Riots in Paris Threaten Climate Accord

Elites want to ‘save the planet’ at any cost, but the frustrated middle class has had enough.

Why is Ukraine’s Kerch Crisis Any of Our Business?

And are we really willing to risk war on behalf of it?

Trump’s Crucial Test at San Ysidro

Polls say immigration and domestic security are foremost in people’s minds. Will he deliver?

Will Democratic Rebels Dethrone Queen Nancy?

After years of defeats, the Left is breathing down her neck.

Trump Raises the Stakes With CNN

Jim Acosta’s ouster from the briefing room may have a chilling effect on certain journos. Is that a bad thing?

Macron Trash Talks “America First”

The French president took aim at Trump but it’s he who’s out of touch.

This Is a Fight to the Finish

The war in Washington will not end until the presidency of Donald Trump ends. We know that now.

A Democratic Congress Could Be a Perfect Foil for Trump

If they win on Tuesday, it could set them up to be the president’s fall guys.

Donald Trump’s Wise Challenge to Birthright Citizenship

His presidency and the future of red-state America hang in the balance.

Is This Worse Than ’68?

Between bombings, riots, assassinations and political divisions, those times felt much more uncertain than today.

The Washington Post Smears Trump Over the Pipe Bombings

Democracy dies when our bitter divisions tear us in two.

Time For Trump to Call the Saudis Out

He needs to get out in front of the elite press, which is controlling the narrative according to their own interests.

Immigration Puts Trump’s Legacy at Risk

A migrant caravan is headed for America’s southern border. Will Trump keep his promises or cave?

With Saudis, We Shouldn’t Put Our Morals on a Shelf

Often national interest has come before human rights, but Trump should take this opportunity to cut the Kingdom loose.

With Friends Like the Saudis

Continued U.S. support for the Saudi war in Yemen—as well as our arms sales—-should now be in question.

The Democrats’ Little Bighorn

At last conservatives have reclaimed the Supreme Court for constitutionalism.

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