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The Democrats and the Diversity Dilemma

There are too many tribes to please, which means no one will be happy when the day is done.

The Green New Deal is a Suicide Note for Democrats

It’s extreme, reads like it was written by college students, yet the 2020 hopefuls are all in.

Trump Finds the Formula to Defeat Democrats in 2020

Two issues: abortion and socialism.

The Left Won’t Stop at Ralph Northam

This is about more than one governor and one stupid and insensitive photograph.

Both The Intel Community, and Trump, Can Be Right

But the question remains, are U.S. troops on foreign soil the best solution to our foreign policy challenges?

If the Army Stands With Maduro, What Is Plan B?

Did anyone think this through?

To Democrats, America is a Sinkhole of Racism

So how can they possibly lead it?

When Democracy Fails to Deliver

The peoples of the West have voted for change. What happens when the establishment blocks them?

Is Bolton at the Steering Wheel, Headed Straight for Iran?

Question for Trump: Was he aware of Bolton’s request for a menu of targets for potential U.S. strikes? Did he authorize it?

The Path to a ‘National Emergency’

For the sake of the country, Nancy Pelosi must lose and the wall must get built.

The Coming Balkanization of the Democratic Party

It’s become a club where white males need not apply—so what does that mean for pols like Biden and Bernie in 2020?

Whose Side is Mitt Romney On?

Trump’s? The Washington Post’s? Or is he just in it for himself?

How the War Party Lost the Middle East

Should we be surprised Americans want out of Syria? Look how the hawks have failed.

2019: The Year of the Democrat? Think Again.

The identity politics they’ve been playing all year is already pulling them apart, splinter by splinter.

Will Trump Hold Firm on His Syria Pullout?

At the very least, America will have its first serious debate on its Mideast wars since 2003.

Can America Fight Two Cold Wars at Once?

Thanks in part to our own hubris, we now find ourselves beset by both Russia and China.

What Lies Behind the Malaise of the West?

Transnational elites seem ever more distant from the countries they rule.

How Democracy is Losing the World

We claim it’s the best system available. Yet it’s made us look ridiculous while other nations step up and get serious.

Who Lost the World George H.W. Left Behind?

Did the presidents who sat mourning at his funeral realize their part in the downslide of the country?

Massive Riots in Paris Threaten Climate Accord

Elites want to ‘save the planet’ at any cost, but the frustrated middle class has had enough.

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