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Finally an Unvarnished History of the Iraq Invasion

A fresh take says there's more than enough blame to go around---up and down the chain of command.
Mark Perry November 7, 2019

The Military Officials Who Knew Saudi Arabia Would Fail

Privately they've been saying for years that Riyadh can't win in Yemen and that we shouldn't have given the Houthis up.
Mark Perry September 25, 2019

1984: The Year America Didn’t Go To War

Cabinet members slugged it out, but the one with the real war experience convinced Reagan not to avenge the Marine barracks bombing.
Mark Perry July 16, 2019

Why Tiny Qatar May Be Our Greatest Hope in the Iran Crisis

No matter what Saudi Arabia and Israel's friends in Washington say.
Mark Perry May 20, 2019

Navy SEAL on Trial: War Criminal or Patriot?

The 18-year-old war on terror comes home as Eddie Gallagher faces charges of killing civilians and trying to cover it up.
Mark Perry April 16, 2019

The Army’s Iraq War History: Truth-Telling or Mythmaking?

The military is great at telling us what went wrong but who they blame is more controversial.
Mark Perry February 28, 2019

Trump’s ‘Eyeball-to-Eyeball’ Orders to the Generals on Syria

Despite the storm and fury, the Syria withdrawal policy is unambiguous and going forward.
Mark Perry February 7, 2019

Trump’s Decision to Leave Syria Was No ‘Surprise’

To say it was impulsive, or that the entire military opposes it, would be grossly misreading the situation.
Mark Perry December 20, 2018