Kelly Marcum

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The Left Culturally Appropriates Catholicism

Invoking a Jesuit value to incorporate the Church into the West's secular religion.
Kelly Marcum January 17, 2018

The Imperative of Moral Arguments Against Torture

PBS Frontline's obsession with disproving enhanced interrogation's effectiveness undermined the strongest case against it.
Kelly Marcum May 27, 2015

Religion’s Fight for Criminal Justice

The crusade for prison and sentencing reform is the ideal prototype for how faith can be a positive force in our politics.
Kelly Marcum April 1, 2015

When the Government Becomes Your Family

U.S. individualism is destroying the family and replacing it with the state.
Kelly Marcum March 12, 2015

Obama’s Hard Promise to Free Saeed Abedini

The president's pledge alone may not be enough to rescue an American pastor from his Iranian jail.
Kelly Marcum January 27, 2015