Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Executive Editor

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, executive editor, has been writing for TAC for the last decade, focusing on national security, foreign policy, civil liberties and domestic politics. She served for 15 years as a Washington bureau reporter for, and at WTOP News in Washington from 2013-2017 as a writer, digital editor and social media strategist. She has also worked as a beat reporter at Bridge News financial wire (now part of Reuters) and Homeland Security Today, and as a regular contributor at A native Nutmegger, she got her start in Connecticut newspapers, but now resides with her family in Arlington, Va.

author archive

Targeted Killing, Donald Trump Style

The administration is bombing people all over the planet, under looser rules and in the shadows.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos June 4, 2018

When National Review Turned 15

Beardie-weirdies, nihilists, and radicals: a look at 1970 through conservative eyes.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos May 2, 2018

Senators Offer Up Unprecedented War Powers to President

New AUMF would cement forever war and give the phrase 'world police' new meaning.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos April 18, 2018

Tiny Qatar Digs In Amid Gulf Blockade and Washington Intrigue

Against backdrop of Tillerson firing and revelations of Kushner meddling, ambassador opens up on the neighborhood bullies.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos March 16, 2018

U.S. Saudi Lobby in Overdrive Ahead of Prince MbS ‘Roadshow’

Formidable network of beltway players were paid for years to whitewash the blemishes and promote the Kingdom's interests.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos March 2, 2018

The Burn Pit Vets Have Won a Victory, But to What End?

To answer that, TAC is hosting a screening of a new film challenging the government over the toxic exposure of recent war vets.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos February 21, 2018

John Yoo: President Can Wage War Without Congressional Declaration

A debate featuring author of torture memo and Bruce Fein saw more rationalizing of the executive's massive powers.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos February 9, 2018

Robert Parry: When ‘Independent’ Journalism Meant Something

The late publisher of Consortium News was a trailblazer who held lazy reporters and groupthink in the highest contempt.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos February 2, 2018