Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Executive Editor

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, executive editor, has been writing for TAC for the last decade, focusing on national security, foreign policy, civil liberties and domestic politics. She served for 15 years as a Washington bureau reporter for, and at WTOP News in Washington from 2013-2017 as a writer, digital editor and social media strategist. She has also worked as a beat reporter at Bridge News financial wire (now part of Reuters) and Homeland Security Today, and as a regular contributor at A native Nutmegger, she got her start in Connecticut newspapers, but now resides with her family in Arlington, Va.

author archive

Trump Signs Order Interpreting Judaism as a Nationality and Race

This will effectively stifle all constitutionally-protected boycotts, protests or any criticism of Israel on campus.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos December 11, 2019

Revenge? Military Industrial Complex Sponsors Eisenhower Ornament

Lockheed appropriates presidential history to slap its brand on an annual tradition.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos December 9, 2019

Was Sheldon Adelson Acting As Bag Man for the CIA?

Explosive charges: illegal surveillance of Assange hand-delivered to U.S. agency via Trump pal's Sands casino.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos December 3, 2019

A Military Draft to Confront Climate Change?

A critic of U.S. militarism nonetheless suggests we can force 'skin in the game' while tackling a coming global crisis.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos November 20, 2019

TAC’s ‘Regime Change’ Conference 11/7/19: Penetrating the Military Industrial Complex

Heather Brandon-Smith, Jeff Groom, Trevor Thrall,Peter Van Buren. With moderator Reid Smith.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos November 16, 2019

Iraq: Is This What ‘Winning’ Looks Like?

For ordinary Iraqis, their 'liberation' turned out to be a purgatory, with a corrupt authoritarian elite at the helm.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos November 14, 2019

Alert! Court Actually Claws Back Post-9/11 Search Creep

New ruling puts the brakes on practice of seizing travelers' laptops and cell phones.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos November 13, 2019