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Court: FBI Must Destroy Memos Calling a Threat

Ruling comes after a eight-year battle over secret surveillance of the popular website after 9/11.

Why is the 9/11 Mastermind Still Awaiting Trial?

One word: Torture.

Meet American Empire’s ‘Doctor Death’

Stephen Kinzer’s new book shows how Greatest Generation spooks justified their horrific experiments on unwitting Americans.

The New Quincy Institute Seeks Warmongering Monsters to Destroy

Andrew Bacevich on his new left-right group, which is going hammer and tongs against the establishment on foreign policy.

How Justin Raimondo Made Me a Braver Writer

The co-founder, who died Thursday, was one of the toughest fighters for the cause. We all benefitted.

George Orwell’s Dystopian Nightmare in China

Beijing’s tyranny over its people is fast becoming more terrifying than anything in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

From Boeing to E-Ring: Shanahan is Industry’s Man in the Pentagon

Trump’s nominee for secretary of defense could be the ultimate fox in the henhouse.

Yes, You Should Fear the Arrest of Julian Assange

The Wikileaks founder could be headed for extradition to the U.S., where they will say he is an enemy of the state.

Israel Boycott Exposes Serious Rifts in the Democratic Party

As some lawmakers push to criminalize BDS, a pro-Palestinian, free speech Left is rising up.

Walter Jones Cried While the Rest of Them Lied

The late Congressman spent the rest of his life committed to doing penance for his Iraq War vote.

Mattis: One More General for the ‘Self Licking Ice Cream Cone’

Report names a shocking number of big brass and government executives playing both sides of the Pentagon’s pernicious revolving door.

Former Yazidi Sex Slave Is America’s Shame

Nadia Murad is one of 6,500 women and girls who were abducted by ISIS in a country we were supposed to liberate.

Emergency Confiscation is Easy Target in New Gun Control Congress

Opponents warn that “red flag” orders can be abused and violate due process. So why are they attracting Republican support?

Ten Years Gone: Iraq and Afghanistan Vets on What It All Meant

A decade after the worst fighting overseas, five combat veterans put the Forever War and American civilian life into perspective.

Vets Cheer as VA, DoD Take a Beating at Burn Pits Hearing

‘It’s about time’ says one victim of toxic exposure, as Congress finally shows backbone for victims and families

Targeted Killing, Donald Trump Style

The administration is bombing people all over the planet, under looser rules and in the shadows.

When National Review Turned 15

Beardie-weirdies, nihilists, and radicals: a look at 1970 through conservative eyes.

Senators Offer Up Unprecedented War Powers to President

New AUMF would cement forever war and give the phrase ‘world police’ new meaning.

Tiny Qatar Digs In Amid Gulf Blockade and Washington Intrigue

Against backdrop of Tillerson firing and revelations of Kushner meddling, ambassador opens up on the neighborhood bullies.

U.S. Saudi Lobby in Overdrive Ahead of Prince MbS ‘Roadshow’

Formidable network of beltway players were paid for years to whitewash the blemishes and promote the Kingdom’s interests.

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