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Jeff Bezos Puts the Pentagon on His Monopoly Board

While employees at Google and Microsoft are wary of collaborating with the military, Amazon revels in it.

Why the Air Force Thinks It Can Turn Gamers Into Its Next Top Guns

Their latest recruitment scheme would allow the military to collect metadata from players to spot talent.

The Time to Stop Bankrolling the Iraqi Military is Now

Iraq just voted into power a former enemy of the United States. Isn’t this when Trump should stop cutting blank checks?

Was Destructive ‘Slingshot’ Malware Deployed by the Pentagon?

Cybersleuths think they’ve uncovered a military spyware attack, with troubling implications.

The Latest Target of Scattershot U.S. Sanctions: Chess

The chief of the world’s governing chess body has been accused of funding ISIS. But did he really?

Netanyahu-Trump Bromance Tested for First Time

‘Gaffe’ over whether White House was in on West Bank annexation talks puts White House on defense.

U.S. Kills Over 100 Syrian Fighters In ‘Self Defense’

But America is supposedly not ‘at war’ with Syria.

The Return of the Stinger Missile

Soon our “allies” will have fresh supplies of these MANPADS, too. What could possibly go wrong?

What Are U.S. Forces Doing in Niger Anyway?

For five years, U.S. forces operated under the radar—until four of them were killed.

Whap! Pow! Fans Boot Defense Contractor Out of Marvel Comics

The battle to pry militarism from pop culture continues.

Time Has Come: ISIS Improvising Own Killer Drones

U.S. opened Pandora’s Box, now anyone can deploy them.

Trump: Let Our Police Armor Up Like Soldiers

Administration wants to “send a message,” but to whom?

Don’t Be Fooled, There Is No ‘Diplomacy’ With North Korea

Some would prefer a preemptive attack.

The Real Reason Behind Qatar’s Gulf State Freeze Out

Hint: Al Jazeera, Muslim Brotherhood, and the Arab Spring.

A Civilian-Controlled Military, If You Can Keep It

Trump is letting the generals make war without supervision, setting a dangerous precedent.

ISIS and the End of Cash

How the war on terror became a war on real money.