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Our Dangerous Times

Today’s conservatives are eager to trade freedom for security.

Power of the Pen

The president uses signing statements to decree which laws apply to him.

Reach Out and Tap Someone

The NSA’s surveillance program undermines the rule of law without producing real gains in security.

Defining Democracy Down

Bush’s meddling in foreign elections undercuts his stated principles.

Cheney of Command

Ask the veep which laws bind the White House.

Watching the Detectives

State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration, James Risen, Free Press, 256 pages

Undue Process

Innocents have been entangled in the Justice Department’s anti-terror dragnet.

“Free-Speech Zone”

The administration quarantines dissent.

Surveillance State

Since September 11, a flood of federal legislation has reduced American freedom without increasing our security.

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