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Ron and Rand Paul Call Out Foreign Policy Hysteria

And like his father, the senator found himself on the wrong end of the media mob this week.

Selective Moral Outrage Cheapens Authentic Protest

Pointing out partisan hypocrisy on both sides is more than just whataboutism.

The Hypocrisy of Never Trump Neoconservatives

They whine about political tribalism under Trump but it never bothered them under Bush.

What Kevin Williamson Gets Wrong About the Libertarian Moment

The Atlantic’s (now former) writer says the GOP has become “Sean Hannity’s party,” but he misses something fundamental.

Jonathan Chait’s Cockeyed Trump-Libertarian Fantasy

What the liberal writer doesn’t understand about the philosophy he’s analyzing.

National Review Finally Gets It Right on Stop-and-Frisk

The conservative magazine deserves credit for admitting they were wrong about this authoritarian tactic.

There is No ‘New Normal’ After the Alabama Election

But there are dueling narratives about what Roy Moore’s loss means.

Tom Petty’s Permanent Things

Politically progressive, but he kept a traditionalist streak.

Our Newfound Sympathy for Addicts

Why was the crack epidemic treated differently?

Why Conservatives Ignored the Ferguson Report

Far too many right-wingers believe whole categories of human beings are “bad people” who deserve violence and injustice.

Don’t Hate Chris Kyle—or the Iraqis

American soldiers and Arab civilians alike are victims of politicians’ hubris and terrorists’ atrocities.

The Right’s Race Deafness

Too many conservatives give the impression that refusing to listen to black perspectives is a point of pride.

What’s Conservatism Without Liberty?

Dick Cheney and Jennifer Rubin aim to purge the freedom movement from the right—leaving nothing but authoritarianism.

“Fortunate Son” Is Antiwar, and Pro-Military

Conservative hawks keep confusing supporting the troops with endorsing the wars.

How Rand Paul Threatens Left and Right

Libertarian-inflected conservatism challenges entrenched political coalitions with a transpartisan appeal.

How to Win a Culture War

Young Americans are more pro-drug, pro-gay—and pro-life.

Why Gay Marriage Isn’t the ’60s Civil Rights Fight

What black Americans suffered is without parallel in our history—a fact all sides of the SSM debate should recognize.

Libertarianism for Social Conservatives

From abortion to the drug war and gay marriage, decentralization is the only answer.

How Gun Control Kills

And why death-penalty opponents should think twice about firearms bans.

D’Souza’s “Kenyan Anti-Colonial” Distraction

An unproductive GOP indulges in conspiracy paranoia.

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