Jack H. Burke

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Socialism Will Always Destroy Democracy

Contra Bernie Sanders, the two ideas cannot co-exist and never will.
Jack H. Burke June 7, 2019

God and Man Everywhere

The leftward lurch Buckley detected at Yale has moved far beyond the academy.
Jack H. Burke May 23, 2019

Why Would We Want to Spread Liberal Democracy?

Even democracy in its healthy form can't be enforced by a gun—let alone the secularized distortion of it that we have today.
Jack H. Burke March 14, 2019

William F. Buckley’s Cure for Our Broken Politics

The 'Buckley option' offers a different way forward, one of engagement and winsomeness.
Jack H. Burke February 5, 2019

The American Mind is as Closed as Ever

Thirty years ago, Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind stunned academia and predicted our present day.
Jack H. Burke April 9, 2018