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NYC’s Doomed Plan to Racially Balance its Schools

It’s trapped inside hard-left reasoning where scholastic excellence isn’t even a factor.

Jordan Peterson and His Enemies

The Canadian psychologist has set off left-wing ideological Geiger counters around the world, and for good reason.

Bonfire of the Humanities

The #MeToo charges against Avital Ronell show just how far gone these academic disciplines are.

1968: Freedom Without License

It was a year to test limits, revolt against technocracy—and all social hell broke loose.

Europe Says No to Multicultural Concessions

Turns out that shaming countries like Hungary and Italy over their rejection of mass migration isn’t quite working.

The America That Howard Zinn Made

The radical historian had an unequaled impact on our country’s post-patriotic narrative.

Bernard Lewis: The Bush Administration’s Court Intellectual

He was brilliant, but his vanity turned him into a reckless alarmist and a pro-Israeli partisan.

How We Defined Deviancy Down and Got a Culture of Violence

In the wake of another school shooting, Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s warning is more relevant than ever.

E.R. Dodds and Our Age of Anxiety

He saw a reflection of our modern age in the Hellenic struggle with individual choice centuries ago.

Elon Musk: Government-Subsidized Pied Piper

The captain of cheesy stunts, his trendy space debris is destined to orbit the sun for an estimated billion years.

Thomas Cole: Artist, Romantic, Anti-Jacobin

The American painter bequeathed to us brilliant landscapes and trenchant warnings about how republicanism fails.

The Man Who Foresaw the West’s Fantasia

While he couldn’t predict selfies, multiculturalism, or Oprah, Daniel Bell sensed the rage against bourgeois order would eventually lead to crisis.

Pitirim Sorokin Revisited

How one scholar predicted the West’s deterioration into sexual libertinism.

Christopher Columbus: At the Center of the Culture War

The battle over his legacy has less to do with history than with dominating the present.

Harvard’s Chilling Crusade Against Greek Life

Where does campus policing of private behavior and association end?

Will Europe Restrict African Migration?

France’s Macron touches a third rail of Western politics.

Summer of Love, Winter of Decline

1967 flower power harvested weeds of chaos. Trust me, I was there.

Voice of the Davos Crowd

Faced with rising populism, a former Economist editor can offer only globalist clichés.

Robert Nisbet’s Conservatism

A friend of the great sociologist on why we need his insight today.

Donald Trump and the Ghost of Christopher Lasch

America’s yeoman class revolts.