Gilbert T. Sewall

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Greta Thunberg Meets Our Malthusian Reality

Contrary to what we like to think, nature is a limited system and there must be restraints to human development.
Gilbert T. Sewall October 25, 2019

How Modesto Became an American Dystopia

What moral gate has broken open, allowing obvious social pathologies to fester without stigma?
Gilbert T. Sewall September 16, 2019

Overpopulation, Not Climate Change, Caused California’s Water Crisis

The state has grown massively since the 1950s, creating a serious irrigation challenge that green tut-tutting won't fix.
Gilbert T. Sewall July 30, 2019

The Status Anxiety of Pussyhat Moms

They enjoy their wealth, coddle their children, worship multiculturalism. Then they try to get their snowflakes into college.
Gilbert T. Sewall July 15, 2019

Big Tech’s Challenge to Our Humanity

Electronics have fundamentally altered our minds, our education, our children—with little hope to reverse it all.
Gilbert T. Sewall April 1, 2019

The Carl Jung Behind Jordan Peterson

The Swiss psychologist foresaw and lamented the West's break with tradition and the loneliness of modernity.
Gilbert T. Sewall March 11, 2019

Twilight of the Humanities

The college liberal arts are all but undone—and the fault is their own.
Gilbert T. Sewall February 13, 2019

The Diminishing Authority of the Bourgeois Culture

We've replaced its emphasis on tradition and hard work with a self-loathing left-wing moralism.
Gilbert T. Sewall February 4, 2019