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Not Taking Out Saddam Was George H.W. Bush’s Finest Hour

It’s easy to forget what a courageous decision it was at the time. If only his son had paid closer attention.

Midterms Show America Isn’t Done Dividing

Trump and Pelosi both have reason to crow, which will only mean more acrimony to come.

The Laughably Incompetent Mohammed bin Salman

It isn’t just the Khashoggi killing. Saudi Arabia’s crown prince was an anti-Midas right from the start.

They Got Saudi Arabia Wrong Too

Until a week ago our elites were gushing over MbS. When will they finally be held accountable?

Mike Pompeo’s Iran Obsession

He’s cleaned up the State Department. But his fanaticism over Tehran is misleading his boss.

America Prime No Longer: In Syria, Regional Powers Step Up

The U.S. wasn’t party to the most recent agreement there—and that’s okay.

Ted Cruz Can Breathe Easy

Beto O’Rourke is talented and optimistic, but he’ll need a miracle to unseat Cruz this November.

The Clown Car Kavanaugh Hearings

Is Congress even capable of doing its job anymore?

Nancy Pelosi’s Last Chance

Her caucus is clamoring for her head. If the Democrats lose this year, they just might get it.

The Progressives’ Bark is Worse Than Their Bite

As this week’s primaries showed, Bernie Sanders’ program still struggles to win nationally.

A Democratic President From Trump Country?

Congressman Tim Ryan is signaling a run in 2020. But can he win in a party controlled by coastal elites?

Trump’s Putin Meeting Undermines a Prudent Foreign Policy

America badly needs a rapprochement with Russia. We can only hope that’s still possible.

It’s Trump’s Duty to Press the Europeans on Defense Spending

For him not to during the upcoming NATO summit would be a dereliction.

America Forfeits Its Influence at the U.N.

Nikki Haley’s withdrawal from the Human Rights Council might feel good, but it leaves America weaker and worse off.

The Trump Tornado Touches Down in Canada

The president left the G-7 summit as many wondered whether America’s transatlantic alliances are dead.

Washington Melts Down Over Prospect of Trump-Putin Meeting

Statecraft is not like elementary school, and we can’t keep the Russians in ‘time out’ forever.

In Afghanistan, Hoping the 17th General is the Charm

How many times are we going to say “he’s the one” in this failing war?

Donald Trump’s Betrayal of American and European Diplomacy

His withdrawal from the Iran deal is the biggest breach in transatlantic trust since the Iraq invasion.

Rand Paul: The Senate’s Noble Pain in the Neck

Despite conceding Mike Pompeo’s nomination, Paul’s record of pressuring his colleagues to do what’s right is unmatched.

John Kelly, Presidential Babysitter

Even a seasoned military manager can’t bring order to a president who thrives off chaos.

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