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The Inconsequential Nikki Haley

She's calling out her former colleagues and preparing for a presidential run. But what has she ever really done?
Daniel R. DePetris November 13, 2019

Congress: Stop Moaning About Syria and Start Voting on Wars

They're the first to condemn troops being withdrawn from deployments they never authorized in the first place.
Daniel R. DePetris October 24, 2019

John Bolton Meets His Fate

Crafty, stubborn, and politically dangerous, he was the proverbial wrecking ball in Trump's national security shop.
Daniel R. DePetris September 11, 2019

Get a Grip, Bret Stephens

Lashing out because you were called a "bedbug" on Twitter is unprofessional and pathetic.
Daniel R. DePetris August 28, 2019

A Sycophant, Not a Statesman

Mike Pompeo has succeeded at winning Trump's good graces, but does it matter if the policy is so bad?
Daniel R. DePetris August 20, 2019

On Iran, Why Not Rand?

The Kentucky senator may be meeting with the Iranians on Trump's behalf, and the neocons must be seething.
Daniel R. DePetris July 18, 2019

America Falls Out of Love With Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy

The Utah senator is scolding Trump's "transactional" approach to alliances, even though his internationalist approach has lost all appeal.
Daniel R. DePetris June 7, 2019

Trump’s Decision to Arm the Saudis Against Iran Will End in Disaster

He's circumventing Congress and risking a war that most people on both sides don't want.
Daniel R. DePetris May 28, 2019