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John Bolton Meets His Fate

Crafty, stubborn, and politically dangerous, he was the proverbial wrecking ball in Trump’s national security shop.

Get a Grip, Bret Stephens

Lashing out because you were called a “bedbug” on Twitter is unprofessional and pathetic.

A Sycophant, Not a Statesman

Mike Pompeo has succeeded at winning Trump’s good graces, but does it matter if the policy is so bad?

On Iran, Why Not Rand?

The Kentucky senator may be meeting with the Iranians on Trump’s behalf, and the neocons must be seething.

America Falls Out of Love With Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy

The Utah senator is scolding Trump’s “transactional” approach to alliances, even though his internationalist approach has lost all appeal.

Trump’s Decision to Arm the Saudis Against Iran Will End in Disaster

He’s circumventing Congress and risking a war that most people on both sides don’t want.

On Venezuela, America Should Check Its Regime Change Impulses at the Door

The country is in crisis, but it isn’t ours to deal with, despite the strident tub-thumping of Bolton, Pompeo, and Rubio.

Netanyahu Survives By Killing a Palestinian State for Good

By promising the unthinkable—annexation of contested land—Bibi won reelection yet again.

Mike Pompeo Has No Excuse

The secretary of state has accomplished almost nothing. At least Rex Tillerson could blame the president.

With Mueller Done, Now is the Time for Better Relations With Russia

The shrieking pundits have been quieted. Trump should seize the opportunity and work for peace.

The West Must Learn to Live With Assad

Once assumed to be a goner, his survival has left Europeans and Americans confused.

Defeatist Democrats Should Give Trump a Chance on North Korea

They’ve become so negative they’re starting to sound like Republican Iran deal critics.

Learning to Coexist Peacefully With North Korea

This is the standard by which the current diplomacy will be judged, and so far, Trump is passing the test.

Italy and France Batter Each Other in the Latest Populist-Globalist Fight

Tensions between the two countries are at their highest point since the days of Mussolini.

Trump’s New Era on Foreign Policy

The generals may not be happy, but there was still plenty for restraint advocates to love.

Pragmatism Goes Missing in the Shutdown Battle

Instead we get kindergarteners in suits dancing for their political bases. Enough is enough.

The Middle East Will Crush ISIS’s Remnants Without the U.S.

It’s time they took responsibility for their region—and they are.

John Bolton: Trump’s Foreign Policy Architect or Saboteur?

He’s slow-walking the Syria withdrawal, either on the president’s orders or over his head.

Five Political Predictions for 2019

From the Democratic primary to the release of the Mueller report, it’s sure to be a big year.

North Korea Denuclearizing is Mission Impossible, But Peace Isn’t

And if Trump takes a peace first approach, he can help change the Korean Peninsula for the better.

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