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The West Must Learn to Live With Assad

Once assumed to be a goner, his survival has left Europeans and Americans confused.

Defeatist Democrats Should Give Trump a Chance on North Korea

They’ve become so negative they’re starting to sound like Republican Iran deal critics.

Learning to Coexist Peacefully With North Korea

This is the standard by which the current diplomacy will be judged, and so far, Trump is passing the test.

Italy and France Batter Each Other in the Latest Populist-Globalist Fight

Tensions between the two countries are at their highest point since the days of Mussolini.

Trump’s New Era on Foreign Policy

The generals may not be happy, but there was still plenty for restraint advocates to love.

Pragmatism Goes Missing in the Shutdown Battle

Instead we get kindergarteners in suits dancing for their political bases. Enough is enough.

The Middle East Will Crush ISIS’s Remnants Without the U.S.

It’s time they took responsibility for their region—and they are.

John Bolton: Trump’s Foreign Policy Architect or Saboteur?

He’s slow-walking the Syria withdrawal, either on the president’s orders or over his head.

Five Political Predictions for 2019

From the Democratic primary to the release of the Mueller report, it’s sure to be a big year.

North Korea Denuclearizing is Mission Impossible, But Peace Isn’t

And if Trump takes a peace first approach, he can help change the Korean Peninsula for the better.

Not Taking Out Saddam Was George H.W. Bush’s Finest Hour

It’s easy to forget what a courageous decision it was at the time. If only his son had paid closer attention.

Midterms Show America Isn’t Done Dividing

Trump and Pelosi both have reason to crow, which will only mean more acrimony to come.

The Laughably Incompetent Mohammed bin Salman

It isn’t just the Khashoggi killing. Saudi Arabia’s crown prince was an anti-Midas right from the start.

They Got Saudi Arabia Wrong Too

Until a week ago our elites were gushing over MbS. When will they finally be held accountable?

Mike Pompeo’s Iran Obsession

He’s cleaned up the State Department. But his fanaticism over Tehran is misleading his boss.

America Prime No Longer: In Syria, Regional Powers Step Up

The U.S. wasn’t party to the most recent agreement there—and that’s okay.

Ted Cruz Can Breathe Easy

Beto O’Rourke is talented and optimistic, but he’ll need a miracle to unseat Cruz this November.

The Clown Car Kavanaugh Hearings

Is Congress even capable of doing its job anymore?

Nancy Pelosi’s Last Chance

Her caucus is clamoring for her head. If the Democrats lose this year, they just might get it.

The Progressives’ Bark is Worse Than Their Bite

As this week’s primaries showed, Bernie Sanders’ program still struggles to win nationally.

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