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America Forfeits Its Influence at the U.N.

Nikki Haley’s withdrawal from the Human Rights Council might feel good, but it leaves America weaker and worse off.

The Trump Tornado Touches Down in Canada

The president left the G-7 summit as many wondered whether America’s transatlantic alliances are dead.

Washington Melts Down Over Prospect of Trump-Putin Meeting

Statecraft is not like elementary school, and we can’t keep the Russians in ‘time out’ forever.

In Afghanistan, Hoping the 17th General is the Charm

How many times are we going to say “he’s the one” in this failing war?

Donald Trump’s Betrayal of American and European Diplomacy

His withdrawal from the Iran deal is the biggest breach in transatlantic trust since the Iraq invasion.

Rand Paul: The Senate’s Noble Pain in the Neck

Despite conceding Mike Pompeo’s nomination, Paul’s record of pressuring his colleagues to do what’s right is unmatched.

John Kelly, Presidential Babysitter

Even a seasoned military manager can’t bring order to a president who thrives off chaos.

The Most Important Decision of Trump’s Presidency

In a little over a month, he’ll choose whether to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. The wrong choice could mean the Iraq war times 10.

John Bolton’s History of Tirades and Dirty Tricks

If he doesn’t check these worst impulses at the door, we’re in more trouble than we think.

No More Utopian Dreams on Syria

Washington should stop talking about escalation in Ghouta and finally accept international politics for what it is.

15 Years in Iraq: A Shameful Anniversary

On March 19, 2003, America initiated its worst foreign policy blunder since Vietnam. Has anyone learned anything since?

The Coming Clash of the GOP Titans

Right now Mitt Romney is taking a pragmatic tone towards the White House. Don’t expect it to last.

After Routing ISIS From Iraq…More War

Now the U.S. has backed itself into the Turkey-Kurd conflict.

Trump’s State of the Union Was Good Enough—But Not for Ashen Democrats

The opposition party will give no quarter, even on issues where they might agree.

Donald Trump Suffocates Hope for a Palestinian State

His administration has wrecked America’s relationship with Ramallah and buried the Mideast peace process in nine months flat.

Trump’s CIA Director Reaches Out Directly to Iranian Foe

Mike Pompeo broke with recent protocol, and that’s not a bad thing.

Putting Meat on the Bones of ‘America First’

Trump’s new National Security Strategy tries to lay out a coherent vision. But will it matter?

The Drama Over ‘Rexit’ is All About Iran

The president wants a more ideological Iran policy. If Rex Tillerson is pushed out, he just might get it.

President Rushes to ‘Gitmo’ in NYC Terror Reaction

There’s a reason why there won’t be an orange suit for Sayfullo Saipov.

We May Miss Rex Tillerson When He’s Gone

The reportedly disgruntled secretary of state has been a crucial check on Trump.

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