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Pence Assures West Point Grads: ‘You Will Fight On A Battlefield’

This war veteran finds the vice president's statements and underlying mentality 'disturbing.'
Daniel L. Davis May 26, 2019

McMaster Uses Worn Vietnam Trope to Accuse Americans of Defeatism

After nearly 18 years in Afghanistan, the people know the war is lost. When will Washington elites let go?
Daniel L. Davis May 17, 2019

Trump Came This Close to Getting Afghanistan Right

The president's instincts were correct. Then the establishment intervened.
Daniel L. Davis October 25, 2018

Patience and a Powerful Military Are the Keys to Success With North Korea

The most foolish thing we could do would be to start a war of choice.
Daniel L. Davis September 5, 2018

Time to Talk to the Taliban

We have no choice. The 17-year war in Afghanistan has failed at every level, while the violence is only getting worse.
Daniel L. Davis July 24, 2018

U.S. Forces Cannot be Iraq’s Security Crutch Forever

Whatever they say, this is not WWII-era Germany or Japan.
Daniel L. Davis August 15, 2017

Hurling 4,000 U.S. Troops into a Strategic Void

Secretary Mattis's 'mini-surge' will have no impact on 16-year Afghanistan war
Daniel L. Davis June 19, 2017