Curt Mills

Senior Writer

Curt Mills is a Senior Writer at The American Conservative focusing on foreign policy, national security, the Trump presidency and the 2020 campaign. Previously, he reported for The National Interest, The Washington Examiner, and US News & World Report, and is a 2019 Robert Novak Journalism Fellow and fellow at the Claremont Institute. He is a native and resident of Washington, D.C.

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Patient Zero: Democrats’ Healthcare Split Could Prove Fatal

If they don't come to some consensus, their fight for universal coverage won't survive the general election.
Curt Mills October 17, 2019

Will Senate Republicans Take A Chance on President Pence?

The base still loves Trump but the hawks are circling.
Curt Mills October 11, 2019

John Bolton’s Revenge Tour

The former national security adviser trashes Trump's foreign policy as rumors swirl about Ukraine leaks.
Curt Mills October 3, 2019

Trump’s Campaign Considers the Sunbelt Strategy

The president's supporters have split over how to win a second term as Democrats plot to end his first one.
Curt Mills September 26, 2019

Trump Appoints ‘Bolton Lite’

For foreign policy realists, a disappointing but not cataclysmic end to the search to replace John Bolton.
Curt Mills September 19, 2019

Inside the Wide Open Race to Succeed John Bolton

Will he go hawk, safe bet, or for a foreign policy realist like Doug Macgregor, who would thrill Trump's closest supporters?
Curt Mills September 13, 2019

Is John Bolton’s Time Up?

Chatter surrounding a potential exit for the uberhawk national security advisor has reached a fever pitch.
Curt Mills September 9, 2019

Matt Gaetz Goes to Washington

Is a boisterous Republican backbencher the future of American foreign policy?
Curt Mills August 19, 2019