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Remembering a Reluctant Irishman

The writer’s grandfather traded in martyr complexes and despair to become a proud American.

Our Post-Christian Shrug of the Shoulders

Most Americans today aren’t openly hostile to religion; they’re just apathetic.

The Inexpert Experts of Technocratic America

In our everyone-gets-a-trophy society, people are quick to claim authority where they don’t have it.

Deconstructing the Postmodern Thinkers

Conservatives should be wary of those who so casually reject the wisdom of the ancients.

Why Thomas Aquinas Stands the Test of Time

More than anyone else, he synthesized the ancient Greek into a unified Western philosophical system.

How This Neoconservative Found the Catholic Church

Reading Sohrab Ahmari’s fascinating journey out of Islam, through leftism, and into Catholicism.

Britain’s Struggle With Loneliness

Like us, they’ve let go of family and religion, and the results, as our writer saw, have been tragic.

The Prophet Daniel: A Model for Christians in Secular Times

Cleverness and persuasion, not rashness and aggression, is the way forward.

The Beam in Stanley McChrystal’s Eye

The Runaway General is back, defending transgenderism and trashing Robert E. Lee in order to avoid his own war history.

What Genghis Khan Can Teach Us About American Politics

The brutal warlord understood how to govern shrewdly and even humanely.

The Uniquely American Halloween

With its roots in Pagan gatherings, it’s still a holiday that brings us together.

When Identity Politics Eats Its Own

In a heated D.C. election, a black female Democrat calls racism on her liberal Jewish female opponent.

Rekindling America’s Civic Liturgy

To preserve our political union, we need our own unique rituals, meals, and celebrations.

The Loneliness of the Anonymous Neighbor

Increasingly we don’t know, care, or trust the people who live near us.

How the Elite Took Over Youth Sports, Too

Kids’ athletics have become too competitive, professionalized, and expensive for just anyone to join.

The Augustine Option

Turning to the brilliant late Roman theologian during our own times of decline.

In Defense of Firefighters

They’re fixtures of communities who serve the common good. It’s worth having more of them than we need.

We Are All Philosophers, Whether We Like It or Not

Philosophy undergirds, however unconsciously, everything that we do. So why have we tried to strip it of objective truth?

Big Not Necessarily Better: Why Conservatives Must Fight Obesity

Taking a ‘live and let live’ approach to the nation’s waistline is literally killing us.

How Nietzsche’s Will to Power Still Leads Us Astray

Life is a gift and an opportunity for self-gift, not a reckless pursuit of gratification.

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