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The Washington Nationals Are America’s Team

They’ve brought together a divided city and reminded us that our capital is a real place with real traditions.

Bless the Hearts of Elites Who Trash the South

Why do those so concerned with economic justice sneer at the country’s poorest region?

America: A Nation of Cheaters

We’re constantly bending the rules on academic standards, fiscal reality, even nature itself. If we aren’t careful, there will be a reckoning.

How Much More Christian Blood Must Our Interventions Spill?

Our wars in Iraq, Libya—even Vietnam—have been devastating for Christians. So why won’t we stop?

Reason Versus Faith? In the West, They’ve Always Come Together

Our entire civilization has been influenced by the idea that inquiry is linked to God.

The Main Street Conservative Wisdom of Hank Aaron

The baseball legend appreciated the value of tradition and the role of old-fashioned hard work.

Is the British Empire Largely Misunderstood?

A new book examines the cherry-picking involved in the modern castigation of imperialist countries.

America Was Founded on Tradition and Self-Reliance, Not Racism

The Founders’ civic character and understanding of the human condition were far more complex than Democrats give them credit for.

Fight Woke Capitalism by Eating at Chick-fil-A

Conservatives must put our money where our mouths are and support businesses that share our values.

America Loses Her Thick Skin

Whereas once we understood that suffering made a man, today we have safe spaces and trigger warnings to avoid pain at all costs.

The Immeasurable Importance of the Good Neighbor

What’s more impactful than a family nearby with whom you can trust your children?

America Isn’t the Church and Shouldn’t Act Like It

The U.S. cannot dictate moral truth and refashion the world in her own image.

Down With Yoga, Up With Baseball

Not only does it relieve stress, it’s a quintessentially American pastime that connects us with our forefathers.

Michael Brendan Dougherty, American

The National Review scribe’s new book is about Ireland, but he is a product of his homeland through and through.

Thank Christianity, Not Secularism, for Religious Liberty

The First Amendment’s origins can be found in the early Church, not the Enlightenment.

The Dire Emergency of Small-Town America

Beneath the nostalgic veneer lurks sex trafficking, addiction, and a future diminishing away.

A Tale of Two Fairfaxes

One in Virginia, one in California, yet both exude a main-street conservative ethos.

Evelyn Waugh Predicted the Collapse of Catholic England

He saw Vatican II as an attempt by elites to foist changes on a laity that didn’t want them.

The Black Keys’ Search for God

The rock band has consistently shown an awareness of the transcendent, shaped by their working-class roots.

Aristopopulism During Holy Week

A Lenten Gospel passage reminds us what happens when elites and the people don’t support each other.

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