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Trump Trolls Washington Foreign Policy Establishment

In a move sure to flummox the warmongers and national security elite, Trump proposes a “Make Iran Great Again” plan.

Media, War Boosters Slam Trump for ‘Chicken’ Response to Iran

The hawks are in their element today, screeching for air strikes and promising cake walks.

Pentagon Chief Shanahan Steps Down, Former Raytheon Executive Steps Up

Dogged by family violence and ties to industry, the ex-Boeing man is no longer Trump’s choice for top job.

Game On: Pompeo Blames Iran, Calls Attacks ‘Threat to International Peace’

Ayatollah Khamenei, who was visiting with Japan’s prime minister at the time, calls Washington’s charges ‘suspicious.’

Ro Khanna Forces Beltway Bandit to Refund Millions From Price Gouging

Sick of war and war profiteering, this Congressman shows what happens when lawmakers actually do their jobs.

Four GOP Senators Push to Derail Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal

An unlikely group of Republicans and Democrats are tired of Saudi impunity and demanding congressional review.

Amassing War Powers, Bolton Rips a Page Out of Cheney’s Playbook

The likely new secretary of defense may be the weakest link in the cabinet—which is exactly what Trump’s chief advisor wants.

‘Easter Worshippers’ and the Left’s Allergy to Language

How can we address the worldwide persecution of Christians when some won’t even use the word?

CNN Disgraces Itself as the Mueller Report Shatters Media Dreams

Journalists were left stumbling over their words and wondering whether Bill Clinton’s impeachers had a point.

The Chilling Censorship of the Christchurch Shooting

Rather than expunging information about the killer, we should be confronting evil head on.

The Myth of American Meritocracy

The college bribery scandal reveals an ugly truth: our society is unjust, dominated by a small elite.

This Man Stopped a Runaway Impeachment

When the GOP madly went after President Andrew Johnson, Senator Edward G. Ross ruined his own career to thwart them.

The Sad Decline of the House Freedom Caucus

Once a powerful voice against executive overreach, they’re perfectly fine with big deficits and the ends justifying the means.

Ignoring America’s Abyss of Debt

Congress has stared into it and realized it doesn’t care. This latest spending bill is a travesty.

Jim Acosta is No Martyr to Journalism

And his tense exchange with Trump underscores everything that’s wrong with our politics.

A Nation Addled by Conspiracy Theories

As the Pittsburgh shooting showed, we increasingly prefer tribe-affirming stories to Occam’s Razor.

Senators, Gladiators, and the Committee’s Bloody Ring

Here, reputations are being destroyed, the Supreme Court confirmation process debased into a Colosseum fight.

The Kavanaugh Kangaroo Court is Revictimizing Victims

Partisanship will make those who have suffered from sexual assault less likely to be believed, not more.

Alan Dershowitz’s Radical Case Against Impeachment

Few legal scholars have defined “high crimes and misdemeanors” as narrowly—or consistently—as he has.

Republicans: Still Fiddling While Obamacare Burns

Health care premiums are soaring. If Congress doesn’t grow a backbone and act, they’ll cede the issue to the left forever.

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